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Welcome to drone video marketing Forida Keys style with visual content production. Where we say lights, camera, take-off, action and create the most fantastic visual content out there. There are so many pilots but not so many great producers. Why we love it? Because journalism is two dimensional add that freelance skill to drone video marketing and the magic really happens for everyone.

This is the start point for the drone addicted. It’s so much fun, many pilots do the flying for free they love it so much. Not a lot of them are also professional freelance writers. Welcome to the combo: drone video marketing with visual content production.

Drone Video Marketing Florida Keys Style

This lady drone pilot really loves to fly. She feels jealous when someone else’s drone is up and hers is in the box. She loves drone stuff and posts frequently on social media to share news and drone developments Yelp, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest The board’s slammed with drone pics, tips, advanced technology and drone industry and FAA news. For finished fun drone video, we’ve produced to music, click on the youtube link and subscribe to the youtube.com/floridakeysdronepros channel.

Utility poles look really clear from 5 feet above the top. Then the electric company line men say they want to know if the poles are rotten, if only they could shimmy up there with a drone for a peak. Hey, says the pilot, we can do that, just tell us which ones you need looked at. Ours is a world of drone perspectives. With two feet on the ground, we shoot from above. It’s the birds eye view, as long as the conditions permit, we can fly it.

Drone Flights and Drone Video Marketing Florida Keys style provides the most beautiful footage of ocean and horizon, we are a real estate agents dream come true.

We are the people who challenge privacy and everyone’s sense of freedom, when we fire up our bad habit.

And since all the crashes, wedding groom head injuries and privacy violations have racked up, wisely, insurance companies Ascend and Verifly include privacy protection in their $1,000,000 policies.

Since drone flying is an addiction and more and more want to make money doing it, Florida Keys Drone Pros pilots made the wise move to be licensed by the FAA. This is changing month to month. What the Remote Pilot In Charge must learn to pass the sixty questions on the test teaches more than just test taking knowledge. These are sixty of the same one hundred questions private pilots take in their FAA test. It is a proctored test, alongside commercial and private pilots, and the Part 107 requires a re-qualification every 24 months.

“Most of the work i’ve done that has been given away has paid massive dividends in the happiness it’s precipitated. This is the best year, ever, it’s what you do when you love what you do. And it’s a new market. But you know the big corporations are ready to step in with regulation, advanced technologies and new ideas. Right now we’re turning drone technology that has been used for bombs and war, into a different kind of service to humanity. It’s definitely going to be good for business. But I want to see more rescue, remote and disaster delivery, aids to agriculture, environmental assistance, emergency management and crime prevention,” says FKDP’s President Nada Khalaf-Jones.

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