Drone pros Florida Keys drone video marketing

Six months ago we started a steep visual content production and social media learning curve. Here is the first of what we hope will be many lessons. Following the FAA Part 107 test she wrote the drone pros blog Florida Keys drone video marketing heartbeat. In this v-log, Nada Khalaf-Jones outlines the process used to make a Drone Live Web Stream For Dummies add the 4 K high definition flying, skateboarding, paddle boarding or roadside. She’ll share the trick for not just gimbal smooth video but the RIGHT techniques.

Combine videos with music, for a short impactful visual digital production. The video delivers the Toys For Tots ‘Every Child Deserves Christmas’ ¬†message, supports the sponsors who donated $50,000, features the restaurants who hosted the bikers, and Peterson’s Harley Davidson who brought around 200 bikers to the Poker Run. One aspect we can’t teach about here, is the newspaper story. That’s a whole nother topic. Watch Florida Keys Toys For Tots.¬†

Coming Soon: Drone Live Web Stream 101 sign up a) below for an email when it is live or b) on youtube.com/floridakeysdronepros you’ll hear about it as soon as she posts or c) vimeo.com/lovelyworldadventure.com

Khalaf-Jones breaks the process down into stages, offers a complete lesson COMING SOON.

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