Drone Video Marketing Florida Keys

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   Drone Video Marketing Florida Keys


Drone Video Marketing Florida Keys




ssssDrone Video Marketing Florida Keys


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Creative direction drives passion. Florida Keys Drone Pros spends time creating for fun.


DRONE: $500 2.30 minutes distribution ready branded or non branded professional production drone film for Florida Keys single family homes.

Professionally licensed and insured with authoritative leading edge creative production. Expertly flown 4K high definition raw foootage in the hands of the Florida Keys Drone Pros. Our zest for the best pits the DJI Phantom 4 Pro against industry leaders anywhere. We sell multi family or single, rental or condominiums with our fabulous drone video productions.

Stick to the simple concept we’ll give you the best results. Win with the Pros: from hotels and luxury boats to beautiful cars and motorcycles to real estate. We get the angles others miss on community events, weddings and generally elevate day to day business visual ocntent marketing Florida Keys clients trust.

DRONE PHOTO: $450 for 10 aerial photos branded and professionally rendered. High resolution. Ready for distribution across all the platforms digital or print.


Drone Aerials plus Sony Alpha 4 K HD Raw film combo contracts priced as follows:

$2,000  popoular format interview – campaign – post production 2 minute plus 30 second sizzle.

$2,500 simple concept – film – post produce – edits – final cut 4 x 2 minute series

$5,000 luxury boat – simple concept – film – post produce – edits – final cut 4 x 3 minute series

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-marketing campaigns

-business promos

-community events

-government facilities



$350 monthly 5 platform maintenance package

New skills come daily, increase not just drone flying but how we deliver imagery with the best creative, joyful impetus. Visual and social meida marketing go hand in hand. Social media because we love networking the visual message we create with you, with the world. social media marketing Florida Keys clients trust monthly to 5 outlets. post the visual content to your website, then to linkedin, facebook, google+, instagram, twitter, reddit or pinterest.


$750 1 x 3 minute film with branding and distribution Vimeo or YouTube to your website.

Bring multi-dimensional visual content production marketing messages to any event, any business, any charitable cause, political campaign, product launch, aviation concept, advanced technology company, electrical cooperative, scuba diving business. We pre-produce, craft story for you, film, post-produce and launch film to make it your very own unique watchable visual content message.



$150 per hour

Production is the creative process, it happens the moment you identify a need, the concept the story the filming the production. After we get the film in the studio. It’s Apple (iOS) based, we use the awesome Final Cut Pro X and the fabulous Adobe Premier Pro to create the wonderful footage you know us for. The skill with words and the SEO come together as me with the visual story. $150 hourly rate for production.



$550 for 2.30 minute single family real estate walk through in a balanced light with balanced color viewing with top quality spoken audio in ultra 4K HD. Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premier Pro professional production. We offer 1080P or 4K HD video options. Sony Alpha series cameras are beautiful even in ultra-lowlight settings. Vimeo or YouTube distribution. We include both branded & non-branded films.


$450 professional real estate still shots package 5 shots 20.3 megapixel up to 45 megapixels. Higher resolution for website headers, flyers, print, allow you to expand without losing quality. Branded and unbranded photos.

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-marketing campaigns

-business promos

-community events

-government facilities

-real estate multi-listing package


It’s here! Matter Port’s augmented 360 4 dimensional real estate walk throughs are something else. We know the cost involved. The true, ‘really standing there,’ internal look and feel on all planes and dimensions. The advanced technology we offer surrounds us. Place your potential buyers, renters, designers, engineers inside the building. With hosting through MatterPort on both Vimeo and YouTube as channels, the experience can be shared simultaneously amongst many users.  Whether they are all in one room or on one continent.

$1,000 single family property we host your listing for $50 a month


With a double camera, 4:3’s Full Frame 60 frames per second Ultra 4K HD side by side with the Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) if there is a thermal heat signature the Industrial DJI Matrice 2010 can sense it with these two partner cameras running. With real time first person view the ground based operator can see what the camera sees. Flight time up to 30 minutes on one battery, rugged, it can handle rough environments. Imagine you’ve got a power line that’s bleeding energy. Thermal can give you cold or hot signatures. The search and rescue implications are endless. Maintenance on large square miles of facilities and High Mast Lighting yield immediate answers to operational questions. 

$2,500 per two battery (60 minutes of footage) flight per job rates are available by email: dronepilots@floridakeysdronepros.com


$250 scuba, free dive, paddle board adventure packages

GoPro’s are perfect for ocean adventures as deep as you can go or as shallow, paired with smoothness, the magic of technology that was used hundreds of years ago in the form of a gyroscope. We call em gimbals. We love GoPro’s for adventure filming. Expect footage in 4K high definition? Digitally stabilized too? And the iPhone 7 Plus is a perfect asset. We also make 1080p movies with the Sony Alpha, so you’ll be getting some really rich high pixel images.

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-weddings on skateboards

-underwater weddings

-scuba tour films

-Florida Keys adventure

-performance film


If you love great sound, the Lavalier, Sennheisser, Rode companies make that all possible. We have a one of each, for a total of a few microphones, so nice rich sound goes with your 360, Matter Port or drone visual content Florida Keys production message. Check the prices, or enjoy the movies. And let us know what you need.

Drone Photo & Video Footage Makes A Powerful Story.

Florida Keys Drone Pros
Florida Keys Drone Pros
Florida Keys Drone Pros
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What’s your personal perspective?

We know how to mold any business, private or corporate message. We’re naturals at concept to completion. It’s where we shine, we get the part or the whole picture; logo, branded, digital media and marketing.

Here, let’s set up your Youtube and Vimeo channels. Riddle them full of blatantly branded brilliance. Or just a few short videos of your best product, craziest adventure, or magnificent wedding, aerial roof inspections or power line check with thermal cameras. We’ve donated Harley Davidson Keys Toys For Tots Poker Runs, Special Olympics Paddle Board Championships because being deeply passionate about the community around us is good for our moral.

Just because we are Florida Keys locals, that doesn’t mean we’re yokels. Our portfolio is stuffed with globe trotting adventures, altruistic fundraising successes, advanced technology and trips to London. We rock s.e.o rich syndicated journalism. Yep. Digital, analytical marketing and consumer research, technical knowledge, logical engineering momentum to create dynamic imagery.

Contact Florida Keys Drone Pros for all your @skybornvisual ocean production and marketing needs while you adventure, marry, eat and sun yourself in the Florida Keys