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Florida Keys Drone Pros Drone Videography Drone Photo make state of the art, stunning, one of a kind 4 k high definition aerial photograph and video. Add incredible skill with social media distribution packages. We’re pros at consumer research, SEO keyword relevance and analytics, get your story ready to share.

Our words, our research and our content is crisp and clear and without the high cost of hiring teams of external service providers. First of 3 licensed by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) under Part 107 on August 20th 2016 in South Florida, 27 years of writing, travel, and scuba diving the world means we know how to get your perspective.

Drone Video Doesn’t Say Much Without Written Content

You’ve probably heard of them by their more common name: Drones. But drone video is lonely by itself. We add professional writing, storylines and music. We provide raw footage and end products along with distribution opportunities. We are looking to work closely with those in the real estate industry, event planners, agricultural users, farmers, social media content writers, media outlets, power companies.

“The sky is really the limit”

Florida Keys Drone Pros Drone Videography Drone Photo

Our First Florida Keys Drone Pros real estate video. In the beginning it was a GoPro and a drone. This home is under construction, the drone flies inside the house. Giving a different perspective. We filmed the ocean footage with the GoPro, because we don’t want the house hunter to forget the surrounding area. Which, in the Florida Keys is what it’s all about; features are swim spots, the proximity of nature and the state park nearby. All great content for the drone. And all the stuff we live with daily, as residents. As a scuba instructor and a mother of four, i’m always looking for ways to have adventures and film them while they happen. So finding the footage to add to the house for sale, well, that’s just easy.

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