Florida Keys destination wedding drone, investment, real estate, events.

We don’t like price lists. So here is one! Well. It’s a gallery of sample films with prices.

Since Florida Keys drone pros launch in 2017 with an FAA licensed, female, drone pilot, we’ve gathered a few Sony Alpha cameras. Migrated to better lenses,  a whole lot of gimbals for stabilization. Lastly, professional editing software.

Here is a selection of work since then, illustrating a range of pricing for projects of differing lengths, and complexity. Contact Us

Florida Keys Drone Pros

Intro Prices for Florida Keys drone weddings, investments and events

Florida Keys destination wedding film with drone intro 6 hour filming 3.30 minutes $1995

Florida Keys Toys For Tots film with drone and 4 venue feature 4 hour film 5 minute $2,500

Drone gets the shots at 2018’s USMC 12th Annual Florida Keys Toys For Tots Poker Run. Featuring thundering motorcycle noise, massive toy mountains and love. Man!

Florida Keys island drone, island investment and tourism feature with cut to music edit, 3 minute film $1250

Ocean, air, earth drones get the shots we never got before in sizzling 4K. Only problem is we don’t get tired of looking at it…..

Florida Keys Drone Pros and 998 Millibar Photography b-roll assembly, 1 minute drone film works for real estate and more $950

Teaming up dwelling drones over Key Largo after all the cold snaps round the country we enjoyed a day of warmth before they arrived in the Keys.

Florida Keys Drone Pros top real estate lead grabber production package $750

Florida Keys drone real estate packages begin at $750 for a single family property, includes inside and exterior, with enough pro mls worthy photos and 2 minute house walk through film, we anticipate 2 hours of filming. More is … well … more.

Small Business 60 second spotlight with all the glam stuff $495

Social Media magnetism small business, product release, seasonal message, 30 minutes of filming for a 1 minute film, logo, microphone, music, message

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