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  • Sport & Florida Keys Photo
    I hate the rules. Unless necessary. There is a pandemic of too much government in play and too many rules. Unnecessary rules. Sports – u gotta follow the rules. It is necessary to have the game. Why is government so out of control with it’s rules?
    VETERANS gave families they’ve left behind to protect our country our freedoms. I salute You every damn day! THANK YOU VETERANS 2022
  • A Canes Historic Win
    CANES 35 V PALMER TRINITY 27 GOCANES! Coral Shores High School Football Ransom Everglades beaten soundly! But we lost in conference on their home turf. And then beat the team that beat them! So it goes. This is a whole NEW level for us! Great year. We have a new baseline! National Anthem by @mel_yazmin. […]

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