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Creative, skilled drone photo & film content. We expertly hit all the angles, making beautiful visual messages for tight, dramatic web, social media, epic print & online distribution.

Florida Keys Drone Photo

Welcome to the fantastic world of Skybornvisual Films & Florida Keys drone photo, drone video, cinematographic film production & high resolution content.

Nada Jones has been producing the most useful and pretty drone story making content since 2016. She’s known as an unmanned aerial vehicles expert & fabulous photographer and film maker.

Whether you are blasting through or stopping for a Florida Keys visit, we offer fabulous drone photo and drone video content from the air. Our founder & chief digital visual content creator, Nada Jones, is also one of the best known wedding photographers & Vimeo & Youtube film makers in the Florida Keys.

Bahia Honda State Park Drone Old Bridge - Bahia Honda State Park Drone

Give Your Personal Brand or Corporate Website Some Fresh Inspiration – Call or Email Nada Jones To Chat & Book Your Made by Nada JonesWebsite Header & Social Images

This feverish non stop content production is not simply about capturing the best images in the best light, it’s about making the stories come to life, with music, with emotive intelligence. We don’t stop creating once the drones land. The aerial photography and aerial video is just the start of the photographic and cinematographic journey.

Nada Khalaf-Jones, Photo Film Drone LLC


START with our skilled drone piloting. Book a shoot. Offering the best creativity we can muster for awesome angles & tight final edits. Consider stunning drone video to kick off the social media website header.

Florida Keys drone photo

Wedding – Elopement – Telling Thousands Of Stories – on YouTube & Vimeo

Nada Jones, Skybornvisual Films proudly work with creative wedding industry artists.

Some of whom are notable photographers, some of whom are talented mixologists with portable bars, chefs with beach front fine dining fusion cuisine, bakers with 90F heat resistant cake making skills, wedding planners with super hero capes that say ‘yes I can handle your mislaid dining table decor, re-schedule the ceremony to miss the rain shower, keep the cocktails minimal and special so everyone arrives at the altar on their own two feet, and on time.’ And still we continue to produce fabulous wedding video and wedding photography including drone.

We work with videographers who can’t stop sharing their love for their art, and drone pilots who never stop flying except to change a battery, we work with DJ’s who bring the joy to the moment and never seek any for themselves, but always deserve it. We work with florists who find the blooms the bride desires, even if she herself does not know it. We have all worked with each other on occasion, throughout the years, the wedding, engagement, elopement seasons, since 2016. And we LOVE what we do.

Vows By The Ocean
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