Why Drone Video?

Florida Keys Drone Pros? Drone footage what the ? fun! Why drone video? For business? Weddings? Real Estate? Visually display events, people, places, brands. Aerial perspectives create a new dynamic experience, Google Earth doesn’t yet see under the tree cover of a home for sale. Drone intimately catches the mood of Florida Keys beach weddings, photographing from any angle is easy with next generation 4 K high definition stabilized aerial camera.

florida keys drone pros
florida keys drone pros photography

Why Drone Video?

Where before it was a possibility only with excessive amounts of equipment. Drone video and photo sends what your camera sees instantly with streaming through youtube or facebook. Ongoing construction or building development create compelling homepage background videos to great effect. Drone video is the new frontier for marketing, and innovations like drones are expanding the scope of what’s possible to capture on camera. What is the best way to find and use drones professionally.

So, Why Drone Video?

Hiring a drone operator for your aerial shots is much more affordable than hiring a plane or helicopter pilot. As a plus, you don’t have to worry about accidentally crashing the drone and having to reimburse the owner.

Note: if you’re going the rental route and flying the unit yourself, many providers offer insurance for the duration of your rental. Get it. You’ll be relieved you did, should a strong gust of wind push your unit into a tree. Florida Keys Drone Pros are fully licensed and insured.

Drones have made amazing aerial footage and unique visuals accessible for all businesses. If you’re looking for new ways to showcase your business, products or services, integrating drone footage with the rest of your website’s video content is a step in the right direction.

So You Want To Fly Your Own Drone?

Florida Keys Drone Pros took the test in 2016. So would you like to think about the cost of doing that for a moment? Here is what one drone pilot spent. Drone $1500 Phantom 4 DJI with one extra battery. FAA Part 107 test preparation with www.remotepilot101.com $299 and FAA certification at a sanctioned CATS testing center with an FAA proctored test $150. Retake $150. Cost of registering the drone $5. LLC creation $153 for business filing with the Department Of State, Florida.


Real Estate

Real Estate Film & Photo in the Florida Keys ocean air earth 4k high definition marketing visual content production. Drone marketing is perfect for real estate.



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We are beyond passionate about equality, across gender, religion, social-economics and politics. We don't care where people come from, we only know where we are now and where we are taking the next moment. With a camera or a drone.

Lets Make Things Happen!

Whether you have a question or if you have a project to discuss we would love to hear from you! 

Mrs Rachel Leon

Hi Nada!!!

First, it was an absolute pleasure to have you with us as we celebrated! Your all around energy and good person vibe was definitely felt and helped me stay calm and happy! I would hang out with you just because you are an awesome person! Thank you!!!

Have had my phone/email/text/social media off for the last few days but broke my rule to watch your footage and we both cried like babies. So much love at the Walton House that night.

A big part of choosing Keys vendors was you all’s chill vibe but also helping to re-stimulate the economy down there. At 14, I met Rafael in September ‘92 just weeks after my family’s home in Cutler Bay was destroyed in Andrew, I know how it feels to be displaced, uncertain, and challenged in the face of a hurricane and anything I can do to help with recovery is quite important to me (and Rafa). We lost most of our family photos and memories in that storm so to have new, lasting memories with some of the same people via your art is priceless.


Nada took pictures for me for my business. I create wedding/everything else invitations. She is patient, sweet, and so willing to work with whatever you have. She is amazing and talented at what she does with a real love for her art. She strives for only the very best. I am so grateful I was able to just meet her let alone work with her. She also took amazing short videos that she edits with precision and perfection. Needless to say, I will definitely be hiring her again. Thank you so much Nada! You are a gem of a person and photographer/videographer !!


Nada, absolutely gets it done. She is flexible and has always been able to get my work complete in a professional and timely manner. She does not get upset with my OCD need son drone shoots and or stills. Top quality from the start to finish. It always boils down to you get what you pay for nad she gives you the quality you are looking for !!



Day Rate

$975 8 hours

  • AERIAL FILM Location, Set Up, Filming
Premium Instagram | Twitter Film

$1600 18 hours

  • AERIAL FILM Social Media Power Package
Premium Plus Facebook | Linkedin | Full Length

$4750 48 hours

  • AERIAL FILM Full Scale Film, Writing, Music, Distribution





$250 / Hour

  • AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Drone Photo x 20


$450 / 2 hours

  • AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Drone Photo x 40


$750 / 3 hours

  • AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Drone Photo x 50

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