‘Father of Italy’ Giuseppe Garibaldi http://www.turismo.milano.it/wps/portal/tur/en/arteecultura/mostre

#30hoursinmilano is a hashtag i’m using on Instagram, you can search for it just type #30hoursinmilano it’ll bring you to the trip photographs i’ve posted on @skybornvisual, which I am using to describe an insane trip my husband took me on.


Not shopping as much as visual content production. Although it isn’t unusual to go to Milan shopping if you are lucky enough to have the money for a trip like that. Despite being broke, I felt richer than the richest with a camera in my hand and a few sd cards.


Lucky for me, my aviator husband flew for 20 hours, round trip, as pilot on flight AA207, we arrived and slept a few, then went walking, drinking, eating and tramming around #30hoursinmilano. Let me tell you, that Texas boy is a dab hand at traveling on a dime. His parents taught him some mean budgeting skills.

Duomo Milano in the square in December it was 1 degree celsius

Aviators also have navigational skill with the public transportation system. This former military aviator put me to shame. Luckily this once British bull-dog turned Boston Terrier was fully occupied with her Sony Alpha 7 r ii DSLR camera, and GoPro Hero7 Black I really wasn’t insulted at being led by the nose ring. My Taurean ego was kept in check by his Aeries leadership skills. It wasn’t always this way in our marriage.

Oh Yeah? You say. Yeah. I say. So why? Because a family is a massive undertaking. And you have to do EVERYTHING you can humanely do to make the family work. Placing the right story in front of my eyes each day has really changed the way I live and see myself. I say ‘this is a perfect place for me to be’ and slowly it has become such. Having a camera and writing skills also helps to share this exciting new world as it unravels before brand new eyes at the age of 52!

30 hours in Milano or #30hoursinmilano

‘The secret life of she’s’ is the line I use to describe a photo of what was/is usually in my purse. The traveling production lady’s purse contains the basics for delivering inspired moments, of story, by subtle pen, meaningful film and street photography.

The Secret Life Of She’s

It’s a must have grab bag of items for anyone who wants to capture the greatest commodity on earth. The moment. The Now. Glamoured whilst by-passing the PRADA, GUCCI, LOUIS VUITTON the secret life of she’s gets fuel from architecture, interior design, cultural extremes, life on the street, a frozen leaf in the snow, people in crowds.

What’s in the purse?

We captured the surprising food, newness and story of a city far from home, children, dogs, cats and gas stations in funny places. Obviously the cheese, the prosciutto, the soppressatta!! Not to mention the wine and spumanti, prosecco, hey it’s Italy!

SOPPRESSATA #30hoursinmilano food

Soppressata di Basilicata is mainly produced in RivelloCancellaraVaglio, and LagonegroSoppressata di Calabria enjoys Protected designation of origin status. More about Soppressata the one produced in Acri and Decollatura is especially renowned.[3] And the Soppressata di Puglia from Martina Franca is also very well-known. 



I love the history of this country, not the Musollini part, but the other dictatorial period, further back in time, it’s legendary Caesers and roads, it’s empires and legions. Italy is still full of Romans. It is also full of Asians, Eastern Europeans, Africans and Arabs. Italy is still driving the world in its couture, its leather goods and style. Something compelling about this once world dominating power that still dominates.


 #30hoursinmilano insanity pattern solution. After I was a journalist, world traveling scuba instructor, flight attendant, I became a mother. Insanity crept in. I stopped moving. As a mother you must stop and let go of your other interests. 19 years later i’m still reverting to type. And any quick travel works for me. So NON Florida Keys. These views are utterly unlike lush mangroves and ocean horizons, which is what I see through my car or kitchen window on the daily breakfast routine and daily drive routine to and from school.

Break Pattern in Emergency! Urban life and people of other cultures attract plenty of my cameras attention. #30hoursinmilano fixed a few problems.


From the @floridakeyshousewife in Key Largo, courtesy of the contents of my purse and my amazing pilot husband #30hoursinmilano


#30hoursinmilano we produce film from dslr’s that is the most gorgeous high definition and quality.

Larger files happen when you stretch or shrink the speed at which you film. Fully reliable, accessible high speed data storage is ESSENTIAL. Data Center security, UID, edge computing, transfer speeds are the golden fleece of the future. And I personally gorge myself on high gigabyte films and photo. Im so greedy for it it’s awful.

But when you love and love and love slow motion you need massive storage. Because it is a perfect way to make magical moments truly memorable. See a split second slowed down. It will force you to see intensity in a kiss, in a rain drop a hand reaching for a hand, and Sherlock Holmes Robert Downey Junior pre-planning then deftly knocking out his villains.

Sherlock Holmes Trivia

The slow-motion work in the film was done by Gavin Free, an English filmmaker who works for Rooster Teeth Productions, and is known for his web series, The Slow Mo Guys, on YouTube. See more »


Or another Guy Ritchie fab film starring Charles Hunam as he evades evil uncle Jude Law, time warping, hyperlapsing and slow motioning through the streets with his buddies before they knew they were Knights Of The Round Table and before he knew he was becoming the legendary King Arthur.


The camera is typically stationary or on a smooth track slowly moving. However Hyperlapse is like stop motion on steroids where the cameras moves as much as you need it to and the scenery too. I LOVE hyperlapse moving.

The ability to slow things down changes what is even interesting. Fast film gives speed to a boring topic, giving viewers the story fast in the first few seconds, then leading them into it. What we bother filming as a traveling fool that flies 20 hours for a 30 hour lay over also depends on what you know you can deliver. We know we can deliver quickly – 4k quality, audio, color and tone and it’ll be viewed in high definition on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, IGTV, vimeo.com/skybornvisual and youtube.com/lovelyworldadventure.

DSLR’s don’t yet immediately deliver hyper lapse, time-lapse and slow-motion like a smartphone can. Obviously with IOT connecting EVERY living thing faster than the speed of light, edge computing and 5G makes the entire connected world a semi-professionals garden of eden. Forget editing suites in stuffy buildings. When you are connected wherever you go, no buildings are required. Except to securely house massive data. We film, photograph, write and distribute on the move…skiing a black diamond with a hyper lapse GoPro live…it’s easy and getting easier.

#30hoursinmilano in a European city wifi totally worked and I was able to fire off film and photo whilst sipping early evening Aperol Spritz in the GIBEMILANO

GIBEMILANO Aperol Spritz and absolutely delicious fresh Pomegranate Juice

Our pit stop fave spot. TMobile has our cellular service clear as a bell here, fast wifi around us too our up and download speeds meant we were completely smoking film and photo posting and Adobe Rush or Video Leap cloud editing.

Our service provider didn’t disappoint. And using a cloud compatible device like a smartphone fixes everyone’s visual production speed woes. The transfer process from a DSLR to a smart device, with cloud connectivity has became infinitely more achievable. We edit and produce and distribute from the cafe while the military band plays outside the Duomo.


4 X 4TB SD CARD READING (with the RADI redundancy) ON THE GO LACIE HVR2

LaCie 4TB Rugged RAID PRO USB-C Hard Drive with Built-in SD Card Reader


Hyperlapse GoPro Hero 7 Black on a Karma Drone? It’s all there. to get predictable, necessary, patterns out of the way in film making I use Slow Motion, Time-lapse and Hyper-lapse a lot.

Introduction to Hyperlapse Photography

Hyperlapse photography is a specialized subset of time lapse photography in a similar way to how time lapse photography is a specialized form of still photography.  In hyperlapse photography, the camera moves between each still frame, allowing not only the movement of surrounding objects like clouds, people, or traffic to be captured, but also the movement of the camera relative to the scene it is in.  Think of it as stop-motion animation with a digital camera, except you will be moving your camera each frame instead of your subject.  For an intro on how to capture and process your own time lapse footage, take a look at Rusty Parkhurst’s tutorial here.

By Kevin D Jordan, Photo Basics, www.improvephotography.com

#30hoursinmilano and how we edit high quality, fast, instantaneously? We do it in a rush….

Adobe’s Rush


Adobe’s Spark Post,

Video Leap,

GoPro’s Quik App

What used to be in my purse tells a whole other story. It used to be journalist notepad camera, laptop, diapers. And before that it was PADI scuba instructor manuals and product reviews of new scuba regulators.


And before that it was flight attendant manuals and before that it was political philosophy books, and before that it was boys phone numbers. And with the exception of the diapers and flight attendant manuals, sometimes it is all in the purse at the same time, it’s all on a smartphone, all at once.

ATM How we travelled around Milano

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