Film and photography ocean, air, earth. Skybornvisual makes the story come to life. We love the people, their homes, the journey.

Beautiful Bahama breeze. What does that say? It says warmth. Sand-beach-ocean, relax. It’s a world some of us dream of. It lures us in, like a fish on a hook. Once we land. What do we do here? Taken from a locals perspective we say avoid the crowds, always aim to show bare feet, find sand, locate hammocks, drive boats, go snorkelling, participate in barbecue

Nada Khalaf-Jones, Scuba Instructor, @floridakeyshousewife


This Atlantic Ocean horizon lulls us into a sleepy mode. We don’t want to DO anything. The ‘vibe’ here is a perfectly ‘Pirates Of the Carribbean’ dream. Enriching our shores is the European and more modern American element. We see new luxurious, curated, autograph collection hotels such as such as Bakers Cay Resort, the Bungalows, and some of that snappy modern architecture flows into that healthy new home construction gracing our island chain.


Skybornvisual works diligently. Despite the lure of the pirates life and the rum. Bogart’s & Backal’s story at ‘The Caribbean Club’ and his story again with Audrey Hepburn on ‘The African Queen’ are a constant film makers and photographers distraction.


If history doesn’t inspire, then our claim to Netflix fame with ‘Bloodline’ may, or even the historic story of America’s seminal literary force of nature, Ernest Hemingway. We love the Ernest Hemingway House. Key West is replete with bars purported to have been frequented by the literary legend. His cocktail recipe’s survived along with his written masterpieces. Hemingways cocktails can be sampled. You just have to know where to start looking. https://www.hemingwayhome.com


We avoid it, like the plague there isn’t any sleep for people who film and photograph for a living. There is always an event, a business promo, or stunning real estate for sale. It’s hard to not stop under swaying palm trees that make sultry shadows at dawn, high noon and sunset. YES there are plenty of palm trees without coconuts to drop on your head.


#61Bahama is a story of two heroes, their home is a legacy for sale. For me contemplating whilst photographing works. How do I think I’d feel living in such a home? Especially filming and photographing a home with this much legacy: it’s equal parts inspiring and heavy.

But for sale it is, and away they will go. To their children and families far away. I, for one, am willing to move into a Florida Keys home like this, because it was once occupied by real life knights in shining armour. It’s like sitting in the chair once occupied by a Great Queen or King. Or a great President. You feel because the monarch once sat upon it perhaps some of that heroic bravery might rub off on me?


#61Bahama symbolizes a new era. #61Bahama has been lovingly, painstakingly remodelled and modernised beyond any ones wildest dreams. It has been crafted to be lovely to live in. It REALLY is a lovely home. I didn’t want to leave.

#61Bahama what happened the week this home went up for sale? Well..it was quite a week. It was the same week in April 2019 that Elon Musk’s Team at SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy with ARABSAT. Falcon Heavy returned it’s three boosters to earth, one of them on the drone ship ‘Of Course I Still Love You.’ While the other two adjacent to Launchpad 39A where they’d come from a mere 7 minutes and 51 seconds earlier.

The same week Mr. Wiki Leaks got busted in Ecuador #61Bahama went on the market with our real estate photography and aerial Florida Keys film.

Shining oceans and persimmon blue sky. Visual punctation in aerial film and photo is provided by distant clouds.

But what does #61Bahama have to do with Elon Musk and Wiki?? Well, ok….while this real estate film and photo package came to life our president talked about free 5G wifi. Anyone with a dslr, instagram account and penchant for film and sharing their work stops to listen at this point. 5G will become reality for all Americans. A much higher bit rate and monster speed wifi. Free! Not sometime in the future. It is attainable. In your lifetime. Not taxed by local governments. Free.

5G for everyone, everywhere. What a nation of zombies we may become? However it isn’t likely if you live in this neighborhood. Port Largo is famous for it’s homeowners parks and community parks with lots of amenities.

Imagine you have 5G. Sitting inside on a day like this. When a few feet in any direction is adventure, ocean, bay, sports, designer boutiques, elegant dining, fast food. Also the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Reefs. Shipwrecks. Aerial photography and film by @floridakeysdronepros http://www.floridakeysdronepros.com

Let’s pretend for minute we have attained a good balance of motivation to outside life and high tech. Florida has a few man made assets to brag about. Blue Horizon, NASA, Space X all together at Cape Kennedy up the road. Surrounding us is the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary all around one way. And the other way is the Everglades National Park.

Photographs and film explain it all. Less words.

#floridakeysiconicphotographer #floridakeysiconicaerials

No one needs to live in a crowded city. Port Largo has it all

Aerial photography roof inspections made simple…the trick with the Phantom 4 Pro Plus is it doesn’t have a zoomable camera. (Those cost a bucket load more) After processing you can crop but then you loose resolution a bit. For picky people like us, that isn’t acceptable. But photographing only the property you want to photograph is the goal here.

Classic Keys Concrete Homes – with international flavours


Modern architectural trends are taking root in this watery Florida Keys Bahama Avenue neighborhood. And here is an example of the corner of ultra modern. Just 5 houses up from this one.

New architectural trends born of hurricane readiness and new ideas – on the corner of Bahama Avenue, Port Largo, Key Largo, Florida Keys @floridakeysdronepros aerial photography
Uber modern utilities and construction, very easy maintenance….no shining required on this floor.

In a neighbourhood where water is everywhere, homeowners glimpse the ocean every day. Obviously if you aren’t buying a home on the water one has access to Homeowners Parks and boat ramps. This makes the #61Bahama Avenue area of Port Largo one of the most desirable neighbourhoods in central Key Largo.

Can’t escape that smoke stack. We know it on site. The original hull and smoke stack of the African Queen – refurbished since Hepburn and Bogart took their journey through the Congo – take a tour around the windy waters of Key Largo. On your own boat. Or just observe, as we did, as the tourists make the journey as we stood on the relaxing, dreamy waterfront at the Home Owners Park. Access to which is included in Port Largo area home ownership…yep.

TERRI BODKER is the listing agent. terri@sellingthefloridakeys.com

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