Aerial Photography & HOA

When AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY over a condominium is contested and the HOA has to decide.

FAA Part 107 commercial drone pilot

When it’s time to contemplate the permissions for professional, licensed and insured drone (also called aerial) flights for the purpose of vacation rentals or real estate sales listings.

I applaud that caution. And would encourage you to review the following. It’s from Feb 2019 so more current than a lot of what you’ll find out there when seeking guidance on HOA standpoint on drones. 

Nada Khalaf-Jones, certified FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot since 2016

People are similarly alarmed by the same basic issues. The article talks through those. 

Florida Keys Drone Professionals

We address all of them as professionals we insure every flight and only capture the property in question. Plus the common area. We NEVER include people even if we capture them. They, and their pets, are removed.

Our flights are FAA Part107 licensed and insured. This means we are bound by FAA rules and regulations associated with that licensing. The minutiae can be found here. FAA Part 107 REGULATIONS.

Key Colony Beach Government Center have a list the pilots MUST sign. It has five items on it. 

1) name and address of pilot
2) company name and website
3) FAA license photo/serial number
5) flying schedule latitude longitude & time (or just address) 

Monroe County & Islamorada Village Of Islands

As an independent contractor for Monroe County and the Islamorada Village of Islands my knowledge of laws and rules is implicit in my work. And, different work demands different permits.


Waterway Improvement


Aerial film should not violate privacy

#61Bahama Real Estate Film

Aerial photography should not violate privacy

#61Bahama Real Estate Photography


Florida Keys Drone Pros Commits to Protection of Privacy

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

We are always bound by the law of state or federal agencies. Never more so than when shooting film and photo of condominiums. Unless ordinance is posted with theses authorities, flights over condominiums from outside property, within visual line of site, and within FAA regulations, is permitted.

We are committed as professionals to accept payment for commercial requests for aerial shots of condominiums for the purpose of selling or renting a property. This is common. And customary. And always only over the common areas.

But selling ones property should allow one to make ones own aerial photographs. Don’t you agree? In view of this we will be making relevant aerial and drone shoots of the common areas of the condominiums in question.

There are many drones flown without licensing here. Mostly they may be people selling a home who wish to avoid the cost of hiring a professional such as myself and any others like me. Thanks for reading, get in touch for more info. Call 305 209 1758

The Second Destination Wedding Show

Iconic Florida Keys Wedding Film Watch the trailer!

The planners of Key Destination Weddings And Events had success with this one so they went for it again. We hope Dolphin Point Villas will again host the January 2020 show which will be the third at this amazing dolphin research and therapy center. Come on and visit with the team who made it happen, got all that bridal fashion, cuisines, decor and destination beaches action in a tizzy!



Iconic Florida Keys Wedding Film

Watch the full length film! And come meet the talented wedding vendors who live and work in and around the iconic Florida Keys.

Water Clean Up

Aerial skills being put to work recently, tell the story of this incredible family owned and operated business. Based in Tavernier, Adventure Environmental Inc., deliver the answer to Irma debris removal and canal clean up along the chain of Florida Keys.


It’s late January 2019 and filming began in Key Largo, moves to Marathon, then to Big Pine and Cudjoe and back up for a grand finale. March sees completion of this project, a contract between Adventure Environmental Inc (AEI) and National resoruces Center (NRSC), Monroe County (MCO) and others.

AEI and this drone pilot all worked hard to get theses contracts, and in my case, the permits for flying the drone around Marathon International Airportz


For people attempting to fly and being blocked by the geofence: take a deep breath! It’s a process. There is no quick and simple solution. Go (google) to the DJI No Fly Zone unlock page and the FAA Drone Zone page for more. Links coming soon. Also drone flying in Key west or nearby, get started on FAA waiver applications. THEY TAKE A WHILE!


We got to follow their route as they worked to make our waterways clean, on behalf of Monroe County. We loved the results. But the biggest wow factors comes from the people we met.


They are all passionate about cleaning up. About making it better. Especially the secret weapon: the younger generation. Everyone we met had stars in their eyes when they spoke of the work they were doing together.


Either because it really is the best work any commercial scuba diver, claw driver, barge operator could possibly do or they simply have the best characters! Or both. Some crew members are out in the field for 6 months at a time. They look weather worn, contented and have that ‘last great frontier look’ about them. Being out off the coast or on the water or under it for so long so frequently gives them a really adventurous vibe. I was dead jealous! Used to be me w the wild I don’t care hair and the fit body scuba diving every day 4 times and never going inside a building! I miss it.


Not many families can say ‘we cleaned up the waterways of the Florida Keys together’ I mean we just don’t have that as a fond memory. That stuff shapes lives.

A Loft Miami

@loftmiami posted our picture! Thanks guys. Now we want to come see what you are all about.

Drone piloting is our passion. Even if we flew airplanes, we would still be avid aerial film makers. But sometimes it’s too windy to fly a drone or a plane. We love the magic of DSLR photography and film on earth, in the air or underwater.

Obsessed with looking and framing and shooting film. Occasionally a photograph will stop us in our tracks. This one did. For @aloftmiami who reposted it to their Instagram account to bring attention to this unique pet friendly modern hotel. In the Dadeland Mall area. Thanks for using one of our photographs. Other people with fresh eyes are always best at picking the good ones.

Nada Khalaf-Jones, making photographs with only an inner voice to guide her.


Real Estate Film & Photo

Brilliant work to make the story of this home for sale. It went under contract in 3 days following the photos on the MLS. Enjoy the virtual tour and the Instagram film. By @skybornvisual visit the listing and see the photos that helped the Realtor sell the home here


Edit & Gear List

  1. Final Cut Pro X (film) & Lightroom (Photo)
  2. GoPro Hero7 on the Karma Grip Film 4K
  3. Sony Alpha 9 Film 4K Photo Raw 10-18 mm Zeiss F4 and F1.4 50 mm Zeiss
  4. Phantom 4 Pro Plus

Fabulous Port Largo for a classic Keys home at 183 Bahama Avenue, Key Largo. This was a new listing but went under contract in under 3 days courtesy of the energetic talent of April Struhs.

“Let me help you get your house in the Keys SOLD!! Contact April at 305-399-6297 #Keysrealestate #keylargo #portlargo #flkeys #flkeysrealestate #waterfront #waterfrontproperties.

April Struhs

Coldwell Banker Schmitt Key Largo 

100430 Overseas Hwy.

Key Largo, FL 33037

Mobile – (305) 399-6297



Hobby Drone Pilot Test Coming Soon

The hobby drone pilot test is coming soon. What will this mean for licensed drone pilots. For commercial and military aviation safety. For the drone manufacturers. And for privacy. All this and more…soon. Meanwhile watch the Remote Pilot Film.


Read the FAA Press Release

Welcome to Florida Keys Drone Pros

Florida Keys Aerial Photography

Welcome to the new Florida Keys Drone Pros front page. For professional aerial film and aerial photography send us a note by using this contact form. Our services range from precise aerial mapping to highly creative real estate you’ll want to watch again and again and weddings you’ll cry about each time you watch them.’

…..”professional aerial film makers and aerial photographers don’t always have a creative eye, but this company really does get all the angles,”  Richard Weston, Weston Premier Realty, Jupiter

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Florida Keys Iconic Film Photo Writing

When the cameras took off in 2016 our pilot and creative director got certified through the FAA. Here are some of the films, projects in real estate, events, wedding, and more. Famous for our written and story telling talent we’re open to creative collaborations of all sizes and shapes.

Florida Keys Aerial Photography

Sure, the full-wide image can be pretty big. But sometimes the image is worth it.

Film for wedding combined with aerial film for a stunning result


film for all occasions

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