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Humbled by the trust a friend put in my skills. Fully capable of fulfilling the task at hand. The prospect of photographing women in business, made me extremely nervous nonetheless. What is that for? That nervousness? As one fabulous photographer I know once said, ‘you will be brilliant, you got this, just take a deep breath and remember you are fabulous.’

But has she ever left her home knowing she will shortly be photographing women in business? I mean, these aren’t just your ordinary species…these women are cut slightly differently. They managed to motivate the ‘powers’ that be to make a proclamation which adds a significant change to our local, and national calendars.

Islamorada Village Council and Monroe County Commission proclaimed October 20 – October 27 “National Business Women’s Week”

Upper Keys BPW President, 2019-2020 Ilja Chapman
Owner, Cruise Planners, Voyage Blue

Photographing Women In Business

When you go to the job thinking these ‘positive’ thoughts it certainly allows your nerves a door way through which to get the hell out. The anticipation of an event at which your performance affects every single persons life can really bring the moment into focus. This is photography, though. It is not life or death. Remember? Although a failure on any level means someone won’t be represented visually, from the event, and that means, well have you ruined their life for ever? Right? Is that life or death? No but.

Nevertheless, these business women are savvy and sharp and confident, at least to the observer. They are fearsome creatures to behold. Photographing women in business at such an event gives me the chance to include EVERYONE, and also the chance to forget one or two. So, great care must be taken.

The trick is to go after them all, from the most leadership and forward looking, perfectly coiffed types to the least. And the greatest thing of all is that my camera lens and I love them all. And really want to photograph them all. So here is to the under dressed, under appreciated, self-doubting, humans with low self esteem. You look just as good on cameras as the rest. As long as you don’t hide from me….too well.

I don’t photograph many weddings, but this experience at the ‘100 Years of BPW’ event held at the Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort in their fabulously appointed bay view Key Conference Center gave me a small tickle of a sense of what a wedding photographer experiences. Or not? I mean I wasn’t photographing the first kiss, or the rings, or the congregation. It’s not like you can ask bride and groom to ‘do that again.’ Well. You can. But likely they won’t.

It’s All In The Planning

One thing I know, when the event begins you had better be ready. This group made sure I was. They had a backdrop, they had a space, they had a rehearsal. And I was told to be at and interact with all that. Once I got there they said, ok, this is all you, make it as you wish it to be, for the best result. good luck. What a good thing I did. It has given me a great sense of ‘wow’ why would you NOT do a rehearsal shoot? From now on, my package prices will include an in person consultation and ‘rehearsal’ plus site walk through. Amen.

Event Planning & Beyond

I LOVE photographing women in business. These ones, for sure, there was a get it done energy here that I really enjoyed. They are SOLID. Not wishy washy, not political, just solid business focused women. And they walk with a code of ethics at their heart, one with which I totally vibe. They got the event planned and executed with style and elegance. I know this; if I wanted to have an event I’d ask this gang to plan and execute it. It was so drama free…..

First Annual Photographic Story of ‘100 Years Of Women in Business’

Congratulations and Happy Birthday BPW, Upper Keys.

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