Canal Restoration Dredging

Scene from above, canal restoration dredging projects are top of the list for ongoing post Irma clean up. Sky Born Visual Photo Film Production delivers professionally edited aerials.

Adventure Environmental Inc’s (AEI) contract to restore Florida Keys Waterways continues into dredging and restoration.

Skybornvisual and Florida Keys Drone Pros provide professional insured aerial environmental film and photography. Our skilled editing allows us to craft them into whatever message you intend to send with your story.

In this film the shallow areas of canals are assessed for potential dredging to allow not just homeowners and boater access but return them to their pre-Irma state.

When AEI called us for this work we were so thrilled. We turned it into a visual and musical journey because we just can’t imagine it without music.

The scene from 400 feet above the Florida Keys is breathtaking as a reminder of what beauty we are honored to be the stewards of. AEI’s family team are the best people to be in charge of that. In my humble opinion.

Skybornvisual Reviews

I would give Skybornvisual all 5/5’s for the services. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your communication was great and the quality of the videos was excellent.  I would definitely use you again and would highly recommend your services.  Feel free to use me as a reference.

Peter Frezza, Environmental Resources Manager, Islamorada Village Of Islands


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