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Children’s Party Photography Fabulously Featured in ‘A Princess Inspired’

Featured Florida Keys Photographer

Children’s Party Photography is a lifetime challenge. As they grow their tastes change. Cake is always appropriate  But decor comes more sophisticated. Sometimes the backdrops become hand crafted wooden signs or custom made paper invites wound with elegant ribbons. 

Every year we celebrate 6 birthdays. October 29th is one of them. We bring a day of fun and Halloween! It’s also a birthday party for sweet Mira, and with a beautiful mix of flowers, cakes, dogs, and pumpkin decor, it’s one spooktacular event! Join her and all of her friends for a super fun celebration that’s filled with festive details and treats in these wonderful images below….

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Chidren’s Party Photography

Fabulously warm and welcoming Halloween themed outdoor Children’s party photography –  thought up, created by the vendors we love to use in the Florida Keys.

Studio South Islamorada – Halloween themed tropical blooms. We asked for not too dark, but not to summery. And let them at it. $125 flowers. 

Key Largo Flowers & Gifts– Halloween themed table arrangements  We used them with metal jack-o-lanterns in the garden. Floral designers do better when you give them a little direction, but not a lot. And We always leave them to their own devices as much as possible. But stressed the fall colours…aren’t they amazing!! $75 flowers

Florida Keys Jewelry – That Ring Is Absolutely Perfect For Autumn, Fall, Halloween.

Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography – she is always on the go with. camera. She had a 12 year old birthday so the Sky Born Visual team got this vendor effort together with the children’s birthday party Halloween styled shoot. And we wanted to add our pups into it. So you’ll see Conway & Tinker Bell posing with the Studio South Floral arrangements. Agains that Bali wooden doorway, it’s a true mystery, the hand worked wooden carved panel. It looks great in all her shoots. $395 per hour x 2

Bakers Cay – Perfect For Family Photography – We Love

Trading Post Islamorada – this is a treat, visiting this iconic Islamorada store, which has grown to encompass Bad Boy Burrito, Miss Monroe Boutique, Cafe Moka and Boo Kee Sue Botanics. Here we get the bamboo place and the rose gold cups. These are metal and made exactly like a plastic red solo cup. But durable and stylish.(Don’t put them in the dishwasher1, it messes with the rose gold. We love to add them to the decor on the table, and that dry ice seems to really work a treat. $35 4 cups

Maggies Bakery – we asked her for Halloween style double layer cylinder cake with fresh berries. She went with the black and dusted the berries with gold confectioners powder. We love this one woman show – she is amazing, a power house of creative cakes and cup cakes, Maggie makes most of our sweet creations. $50 spooked black cake

What A Cake!!

Sky Born Visual Studios wrangles Nada khalaf-Jones, Florida Keys Drone Pros into a studio of endless talent. Have you experienced it yet. We have all the answers..mostly…and all the ego…totally.

First she is a Florida Keys photographer and loves to work with the talented vendors above who bring design, creativity, and decor into one space with the camera skills. AND video is her first and most featured medium…so don’t be shy, check out loving wedding video Florida Keys style..

So this has become a bit of a habit really. Dogs, flowers, jewelry, cakes, kids, decor, back yard and fun fun fun.

Florida Keys lifestyle is so very unusual. Flowers by the best of the best, cakes by the best of the best of the best, eclectic mix of Bali castoffs, collected spooky season knick knacks that really just work every season we bring them out. Oh. And it’s her birthday. She is 12!

fantasy, imagination, real life photography

Her Down syndrome sister Laila is a super star. But Mira is a bigger star than most because she makes Laila her responsibility. Some would say that’s not fair. Mira would say spook off, Laila needs all the allies in life she can get.

And the combination works extremely well. Mira is a volleyball, softball, lacrosse playing fiend and her sister Laila is a Special Olympics champion swimmer, soon to be runner and one day Cheeeeeeer Leader!


And we learn daily that kindness does matter. Well we all have our strengths and weaknesses. And these kids are no different than anyone else. And in the name of the ‘kindness matters’ campaign, we say, these are just ordinary kids. There are special needs and typical amongst them. There are lonely and crazy. We have it all and we love it all.

The magic is what you make it, the dream is real

So dream your dreams. We recommend being inspired by this lovely warm moment to build your own birthday party with a an edge. In this case, the birthday girls mom is a photographer. Pity her, poor thing, she can not move without Mom telling her to stop and smile…and that gets annoying.

So hip hip hooray Howl O Ween birthday party. Love & Spooks to you all,  from Key Largo’s princesses – with an edge.

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