Water Clean Up

Aerial skills being put to work recently, tell the story of this incredible family owned and operated business. Based in Tavernier, Adventure Environmental Inc., deliver the answer to Irma debris removal and canal clean up along the chain of Florida Keys.


It’s late January 2019 and filming began in Key Largo, moves to Marathon, then to Big Pine and Cudjoe and back up for a grand finale. March sees completion of this project, a contract between Adventure Environmental Inc (AEI) and National resoruces Center (NRSC), Monroe County (MCO) and others.

AEI and this drone pilot all worked hard to get theses contracts, and in my case, the permits for flying the drone around Marathon International Airportz


For people attempting to fly and being blocked by the geofence: take a deep breath! It’s a process. There is no quick and simple solution. Go (google) to the DJI No Fly Zone unlock page and the FAA Drone Zone page for more. Links coming soon. Also drone flying in Key west or nearby, get started on FAA waiver applications. THEY TAKE A WHILE!


We got to follow their route as they worked to make our waterways clean, on behalf of Monroe County. We loved the results. But the biggest wow factors comes from the people we met.


They are all passionate about cleaning up. About making it better. Especially the secret weapon: the younger generation. Everyone we met had stars in their eyes when they spoke of the work they were doing together.


Either because it really is the best work any commercial scuba diver, claw driver, barge operator could possibly do or they simply have the best characters! Or both. Some crew members are out in the field for 6 months at a time. They look weather worn, contented and have that ‘last great frontier look’ about them. Being out off the coast or on the water or under it for so long so frequently gives them a really adventurous vibe. I was dead jealous! Used to be me w the wild I don’t care hair and the fit body scuba diving every day 4 times and never going inside a building! I miss it.


Not many families can say ‘we cleaned up the waterways of the Florida Keys together’ I mean we just don’t have that as a fond memory. That stuff shapes lives.

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