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Coral Shores Football Season

Coral Shores Football Season – Inspired by high school football, the fierce athletic entertainment and it’s pull on the community, British born film-maker, Florida Keys drone professional, Nada Jones, gets down at grass level with 6 lenses.

Not only is the high school home to the fabulous Hurricanes football team, the Canettes and the Cheer Team are also famously resident here. A good friend of mine invited me to be the photography and video sponsor for the Cheer team & of course then the Canettes were keen to have me work with them.

The invitation to sponsor the football team put me outside my comfort zone. Ina. major way I felt this was a good thing. And embraced it 100%. To me it seemed that if they can go out there and get beaten up and dance and perform perfectly. I could too.

Coral Shores Football Season

2022 Coral Shores Football Season

About Nada Jones – Since 2016 she’s represented the pinnacle of South Florida’s world of drones. She’s become known for her aerial views in Real Estate photography and films, wedding photo and films and Social Media Video.

She shares the basics of her Coral Shores Football Season equipment, how she does it and what being a galaxy outside her comfort zone has taught her about herself, Americans, high schoolers and film making.


1. The Canettes – Sony G Master FE2.8 12-24mm Wide Lens Sony Alpha 9 two 128 gb Sony Tough SD cards, double battery pack. Tripod

2. The Cheer Team – Rokinon F2 12mmSony Alpha 7iii two 128 gb two Sony Tough SD cards, double battery pack. Tripod.

3. The Game – 90 mm LensSony Alpha FX3 128 gb two Sony Tough SD cards. Zhiyun Crane

4. The Game – Sony G Master f2.8 16 – 35 mm Sony Alpha FX3 128 gb two Sony Tough SD cards. Zhiyun Weebill

5. The Crowd – GoPro Hero 10 Black extra long burn batteries256 gb micro san disk SD cards. Tripod

6. The Crowd – GoPro Hero 10 Black extra long burn batteries256 gb micro san disk SD cards. Tripod


Took me three games to figure out the configuration.

For 1 and 2 – these cameras are raised to head height and stationary. Turned on and off when there is ‘action’

For 3 and 4 – #1 TIP Set the cameras to precisely the same time stamp. These are the moving game/crowd cameras.

For 5 and 6 The Crowd Facing Cameras – Turn them on set to Cinematic 30FPS, Linear. These Enduro Batteries last, the larger SD cards can handle most of the game.

Time Sync! – all cameras – when in post production clips organise into the correct sequence.

Moving – The hardest part is handling the wide lens and the tight lens on their gimbals, along with the game and staying out of the way of the side line action. This is the largest challenge. Practice makes perfect.

Best spot is right next to the side line ump if poss. Run the wide and tight simultaneously. Turn them on and off in conjunction with each other.

Season 1 Win For Jones

She’s shot all the Coral Shores High School Hurricanes games, except the away game, she’s almost where she wants to be with the level of quality and content production.

But what has the cost been? And is it, will it be, worth the price she paid? The important question is, does she care what the cost is? Does the enjoyment outweigh the cost?

Next Years Football Booster

Looking forward to next years season? Being invited to film this entire Coral Shores Football Season by the director of the football boosters, and the Canettes and Cheer Team Directors has been a major step into creative challenge for me.

I am so excited because next season the boosters will be captained by a very inspired and solid group of ladies who are entrepreneurs in their local community. That is a very exciting prospect.

Letting Go Of What You Love

She’s only jealous that they may ask someone else to do it, but knows whoever it is will give their all, as she has done. For her it has been an utter labor of love and enthusiasm, so the decision has paid her large dividends in her skill improvement, community support and happiness quota.

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