Crushing It On Upper MateWHOHA?

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Real Estate Drone Video & Photo

real estate drone photography

Elegant Key Largo Homes

232 Upper Mat DJI00008
232 Upper Mat DJI00007
Selling Homes With Drone Photography
Nada khalaf-Jones Film Photo Drone LLC
Florida Keys Photographer
Nada khalaf-Jones Film Photo Drone LLC
key largo drone
real estate drone photography
232 Upper Mat DJI00011
232 Upper Mat DJI00012
232 Upper Mat DJI00022
232 Upper Mat DJI00036
232 Upper Mat DJI00049
232 Upper Mat DJI00056
232 Upper Mat DJI00060
232 Upper Mat DJI00062
232 Upper Mat DJI00071-2
232 Upper Mat DJI00079
232 Upper Mat DJI00081


On the rare occasion we are not making the Florida Keys look great with our drone video and drone photo, we are making someones story, their legacy, come to life on a beautiful sunset beach surrounded by family and friends, or nowadays just each other, we are photographing or video making Weddings, Elopements, Engagements – Booking Photography & Video now. No crowd too small, no ceremony too long..

‘Choose Love D’Artagnan, Always Choose The Girl’

engagement photographer

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