Drone with Privacy

Drone with privacy? When AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY over a condominium is contested and the HOA has to decide.

FAA Part 107 commercial drone pilot

Drone with privacy? When it’s time to contemplate the permissions for professional, licensed and insured drone (also called aerial) flights for the purpose of vacation rentals or real estate sales listings. 

I applaud that caution. And would encourage you to review the following. It’s from Feb 2019 so more current than a lot of what you’ll find out there when seeking guidance on HOA standpoint on drones. Nada Khalaf-Jones, certified FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot since 2016 

In the Florida Keys people in communities governed by HOA’s are similarly alarmed by the same basic issues.

Drone with Privacy ask the Florida Keys Drone Professionals

Florida Keys Drone Pros drone with privacy and it’s a major commitment. We address all of them as professionals we insure every flight and only capture the property in question. Plus the common area. We NEVER include people even if we capture them. They, and their pets, are removed.

Our flights are FAA Part107 licensed and insured. This means we are bound by FAA rules and regulations associated with that licensing. The minutiae can be found here. FAA Part 107 REGULATIONS.

Key Colony Beach Government Center have a list the pilots MUST sign. It has five items on it. 

1) name and address of pilot
2) company name and website
3) FAA license photo/serial number
5) flying schedule latitude longitude & time (or just address) 

Monroe County & Islamorada Village Of Islands

Florida Keys Drone Pros drone with privacy whenever we fly. As an independent contractor for Monroe County and the Islamorada Village of Islands my knowledge of laws and rules is implicit in my work. And, different work demands different permits. 

Waterway Improvement Aerial Film & Drone Photography


Aerial film should not violate privacy


Aerial photography should not violate privacy

#61Bahama Real Estate Photographyhttps://nadakhalafjones.pixieset.com//61bahama/

Florida Keys Drone Pros Drone with Privacy

We are always bound by the law of state or federal agencies. Never more so than when shoot film and photo of condominiums. Unless ordinance is posted with local NAS or state authorities, flights over condominiums from outside property, within visual line of site, and within FAA regulations, is permitted. 

We are committed as professionals to accept payment for commercial requests for aerial shots of condominiums. When people want to sell or rent their property, of course they want the best aerials. The demands of the real estate and tourism industry spurs the growth of marketing and advertising industries. Sky Born Visual and Florida Keys Drone Pros endeavour to always respect privacy.

There are many drones flown without licensing here in the Florida Keys. There are hundreds of un-licensed building contractors building homes here. Since drones are so new in 2019, the rules regarding their use are still being written. Enforcement of those rules is another story entirely. I for one, as a mother of four and the wife of a commercial airline pilot have established my own level of accountability and safety.

But when a hobbyist drone pilot sells or gives away aerial photographs or aerial film it undermines those of us with licenses. We study for hours to understand and pass the Part 107 UAS test and put the safety of the humans using our countries National Air Space above our need to make a successful shot.

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