Florida Keys Adventure Life Style

Florida Keys adventure life style along the Overseas Scenic Highway between the Gulf Of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean from mile zero to mile 145 by the one and only @floridakeyshousewife.

Fascinated by cultural experiences she will be visually delving into the motivation behind the more unique Florida Keys dwellings. Real Estate isn’t the focus, but style certainly is. Our fave topic of the home at the mo happens to be bathrooms, with details as a focal point in our stories, the big picture outside and swooping down over the big azure blue means aerials will always play a part in the journey here.

Stimulated by the massive destination wedding industry our island style isn’t always pineapples, sea shells and palm trees. Often it’s whatever taste the bride and groom bring with them. As far as the  @floridakeyshousewife is concerned the best weddings are the ones that combine strong culture with a local flavor.

Funnily enough this is an iconic to the Florida Keys style and is beginning to drive trends, as our fabulous brides and grooms bring their styles to their moments, they leave it behind to become a new idea adopted by South Florida specialists. The list of these is huge; wedding decor specialists, chefs, dj’s, florists, event planners, photographers and film makers. The more brides and grooms wedding here the more inspired by them the market becomes. And vice versa.

@floridakeyshpusewife’s fave living space is a perfect combo of antique and rustic sewn into ultra modern woven with technology and deep human needs like nurture, acceptance, legacy and purpose. She actually buys anything that is 75% off. Which also influences her style.

Visitors won’t know unless they ask, but there is a healthy upsurge of chart topping Asian – Mexican fusion cuisine on most Florida Keys restaurant menus, and more Mexican food trucks on wheels. There are more and more Thai cuisine places and a coinciding heavenly abundance of Saki.

In fact the food truck successes are going to play a major part of this blog from now onwards. These amazing cuisine trends influenced by a generation who’ve grown up here, moved away, realized the value of this life style and returned, bringing their cool and savvy with them to make my life and the tourists much more funky.

Thankful to this tropical tribal ebb and flow, (vape addicts you know who you are I expect you to totally stop that now) the bulk of our fave peeps in the food and life style business excel in natural sourced products, fair trade and ethically sourced living. That includes healthy raw food, smoothies and predictably an over abundance of Acai berry bowls from Key Largo to Key West.

Being from England, with a madly mixed background, we love and despise the oddest things, from the quirky symbolic sunset ceremonies, we can’t stand, to the magnificent clouds and sunrises we would run our car off the road to film, to the creatively dysfunctional styles that skirt completely around that typical ‘Margaritaville’ cruise ship trash culture mass culture tourist store on Duval.

We do strive to celebrate outlets who favor hand picked hand made internationally and American sourced fair trade goods, wholeheartedly supporting the #whomademyclothes fashion forward movement.

Along the journey of these blogs the @floridakeyshusewife will drop in on a reef or two, free dive and scuba dive with their most favorite of all captains and crews. We will be sharing our own secrets of how to do best travel across the breathtaking bridges. Not an experience to be missed, this memorable moment in all lives requires autonomous hands free driving a Tesla Model S whilst flying a drone, unlike Elon, we don’t do cannabis, but we can’t help wondering if Tesla’s came about one stoned night as a smoke and drive idea 💡

Our mission each week, each blog, each film will be, for the whole entire rest of our lives we are picking up trash from the most precious and somewhat elusive Florida Keys beaches, reefs and removing fishing line from reefs, from mangroves so our favorite crazy looking prehistoric pelicans, turtles and stunning tarpons, (dolphins are the equivalent of ‘teen punks of the sea,’) don’t get hooked.

Somewhere in my misspent childhood I was a musician and singer and so the Florida Keys hippest young bands will get a thorough seeing to along our Florida Keys life style travels. Head bangers we aren’t. But RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE ON SUNDAY MORNING IS MY MEDECINE.

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