Florida Keys Canal Restoration Continues

ADVENTURE ENVIRONMENTAL INC & the lady drone pilot film maker side story.


In 2016 Florida Keys Drone Pros combined aerial film and photo with production to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as real estate listing websites.

Drone video marketing began in 2016.

But the Journalism and Marketing began decades before that. All of a sudden Florida Keys aerial photography took off in a big way and we’ve combined both successfully for fantastic stories.

Our stories aren’t fictional. Don’t get me wrong! We absolutely love sci-fi, nothing more escapist than a night of Voltron, Avengers, Thunderbirds or Studio Ghibli. But as they say ‘reality is stranger than fiction’ (Who did say that?)


When 13 barges lined up and made ready to set sail (is that right?) the camera’s from Monroe County’s Cammy Clark and our Skybornvisual & Florida Keys Drone Pros team were rolling. Coordinating this debris clean up after Irma, almost 12 months later, has not been an easy job to get started for any of the actors. 

One thing we know is when the call came in from the AEI folks to make their films pursuing them all the way down the Florida Keys cleaning all the way, we were more than elated. Not to be confused with elevated. Which we are a lot also. 

Here is your 1 minute film of the launch of the beginning of the end for the hurricane Irma debris around our Florida Keys waterways.


AEI with a list of actors in this non-fiction story of epic proportions, coming later to this blog post. For the back story of how we make these films, stay tuned. 

Adventure Environmental Inc Launches It’s Fleet in the Florida Keys from Nada Khalaf-Jones Productions on Vimeo.

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