Florida Keys Drone & Weddings

Florida Keys Drone & Weddings It’s epic! We shoot wedding photography with video, our expertise & skill gives you both. Plus wedding drone.

Florida Keys Drone, Wedding Video & Photo

Examples like this Key Largo based ‘Bungalows’ Elopement.


  • Florida Keys drone video - wedding
  • Florida Keys drone video - wedding

Bungalows Elopement Drone Video & Photo we got a 5 Star Review From Kyle & Amy

Bungalows Elopement Drone Video & Photo – we got a 5 Star Review From Adam & Harmony


Wide video frames the location, approaching with drone always helps bring you into the scene. We get closer and wider, and always have the microphones ready, the lighting just right.

We got a 5 Star Rating From Jordan & Shannon!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jordan & Shannon were very organised. The memory box, the hair growing, the first look, and vow reading, the precise instructions and the time line. When camera met bride and groom it was magical. We think you’ll agree. The bride and groom certainly love what they had us make from their legendary day.

Florida Keys Drone Wedding Video

The secluded Islamorada Ocean Oasis hosts intimate family events, weddings. We have been so humbled to be there with cameras for the moments in life that are magical. Harnessing that along with he technical skill it takes to fly a drone creatively. Our world is complete. Use the toys we love to make story you love & cherish and watch repeatedly. YES PLEASE!

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