Florida Keys Housewife at Casa Morada

Florida Keys Housewife at Casa MoradaVeni Vidi Vici –  Fluffy the Moray Eel

Very Zen adventure of the Florida Keys Housewife at Casa Morada. We came we saw we conquered. The big blue ocean and bay as always our inspiration with the ever trusted GoPro cameras. Our focus during this husband and wife staycation was to film an underwater adventure followed by paddle boarding at the fabulous hidden away boutique hotel Casa Morada in Islamorada. All adventure equipment is provided by our hosts, except the cameras. Share this story with your friends using this code https://wp.me/padMIQ-1MS

Casa Morada

Has its own private island of adventure! With swim pool, love shack, open air covered lounge bar and game area. Decor is uber minimalist modern retro. The island lounge doubles as the yoga studio, bar, sunset dinner spot and games like chess, backgammon, scrabble and magazines are provided….F’real.

‘I can see fish swimming during my Chadaranga pose’ one yoga practitioner says with a massive grin.

In the water surrounding Casa’s island of adventure are juvenile tropical reef dwellers, parrot fish of rainbow hue, silver flickering schools of tiny minnows…aka, Fluffy’s lunch.

florida keys housewife

This snorkel dive we met someone really toothy, green, and very long, living in a hole. He was happy there. His name is Fluffy and Fluffy is his name.

Feasting on these are jacks, stingrays, nurse sharks and juvenile reef fish all sustained by and in turn sustaining the seagrass meadows that stretch far into the bay.

It’s like a marine biology class in front of your eyes. Lobster, crabs the whole gamut of marine life is here to see.


‘The love shack’ overlooks the pool and bay

‘The water is so clear and the fish so distracting, it’s hard to stay focused on balance’ one yoga student says during a weekend yoga practice


You might see him. Fluffy the green moray eel. He is one inhabitant of our world oceans, if he could ask anyone he’d ask you to bring only your curiosity, leave only your bubbles, shoot only film (not fish) take only memories, not his next meal:). 

Raymond Jungles landscapes with the flow of the earth so you find yourself meandering all over with this sense of wonder at the sunken gardens and the secret switchbacks.

Bicycles are tucked away nightly and always ready for a peddle around this centrally located property easy peddle to award winning 5 Star restaurants and local micro-breweries, artists studios and shops.

Casa Morada Adventures is in the air – fly over film next week

DM me for heads up on the fly over adventure at Casa Morada. No sound sample here https://youtu.be/b2WIb0qEJiM

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