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“You need to tell her that was the best real estate film we have ever seen,” the neighbors always enjoy the site of a busy crew placing cameras, drones, lights then buzzing around until sun goes down. They love it even more when they get to see the result.  

That was the story with this 86 Avenue E, Key Largo home for sale…which sold really fast.

How do we do what we do. SO well? Well we have the perfect inspiration around us daily. Florida Keys real estate film & photography is synonymous with sizzling sunsets, dramatic beach-scapes, moody moon rises well into the mid morning, sparkling oceans and palm fronds rustling in the breeze. We never tire of any of the above. Here we are to share how we make that tropical Florida Keys lovely into films you can gobble up. Music “I Dare You,’ by Little Glass Men

Posted on Instagram by the Realtor

She uploaded the vimeo.com/skybornvisual film link to the MLS along with her favorite listing photographs, from the accompanying photographic gallery, a short selection here. 

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Quality Before Quantity – How We Do Florida Keys Real Estate Film & Photography – Right

When we price our work it’s one at a time, dedicated to your job, not layers of other work piled up.  You get your own local Florida Keys dedicated editor, producer, director. And we use 3 axis gimbal stabilizers, professional cameras, professional microphones (for the migrating bird and ocean on the beach sound) and LED lights to balance out those contrasting shadows.

Our 4K mirrorless full frame cameras are all Sony, supplementing that are the amazing GoPro series from Hero5 to Hero7 and the GoPro Fusion 360 which shoots in 5k and we definitely use 4K smartphones, for the always popular time-lapse and fabulous fast social media snippets on the job.

4K is beautiful! This means we have superb quality film that can be edited a lot before it begins to degrade in quality. But it takes longer to load from the camera to the editing software. Because it’s so high in the number of pixels per inch it takes up a lot more space. But once it’s edited and then uploaded it’s super sharp and rich and clear.

The space it’s stored in is on our hard drives, and the back ups in the cloud and the back ups of the backups. We use external hard drives. Dropbox. iCloud. All that costs monthly but we work it into the price. And things can, but rarely do, fail. So we are constantly cleaning out the drives and reformatting them. A monthly schedule of maintenance helps. Developing a tight orderly schedule is essential.

Drones Doth The World A Better Place Maketh (Amen)

Whether it’s a tiny weeny DJI Mavic Pro 2, A Phantom 4 Pro Plus, Inspire 2 or a GoPro Karma with removal Karma Grip (LOVE THAT DRONE) the parts wear out and we need to know they might before it drops from the sky.

Although maintenance Schedules for Drones aren’t a requirement, as a pioneer South Florida female FAA Part 107 licensed Remote Pilot In Charge (daing that’s a mouthful) we embrace it fully. We know what the limits are and fly 4K cameras around at the right height and within the FAA requirements. Yeah, for sure, brilliant images come at a higher price, despite the flooded IM A DRONE PILOT marketplace, it still costs more to license, insure and edit all that beautiful content.

Those Great Drone Angles

Oh. And not everyone has the eye. Or knows how to hit the angles. We have become pretty darned good at the creative angles. Your real estate construction, commercial or private suburban home or sprawling data center, oil rig or mountain top  resort spa hotel or ‘secret evil layor.’ Challenge us, we can cover it with ease. We know the risks and the operational limits. We have 3 years of flying under our skinny jeans belt.

Fitting it all together into that lovely 40 second or 1 minute film package

God of all internet things is film. Whether we edit on Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro or Quik App or Fusion Studio, itt takes about 12 to 16 solid business hours to film, upload, polish for marketing a beautiful 40 seconds or 60 second film. You can make a stunning film with so many apps, but the color grading and tone balance you get in the pro apps is unsurpassed. So fir the top level work we do, we know 40 seconds for Twitter, 60 seconds for Instagram takes about 12 to 16 hours.


So we are full speed ahead. Our Vimeo.com/skybornvisual film channel is up and growing, despite my distaste for youtube it’s getting easier and we have 30K to 60k views on our films there at youtube.com/lovelyworldadventurellc.

40 seconds and 60 seconds. Equates to Twitter and Instagrams film lengths. Then there is Pinterest. Since Google runs our world, virtually (get it!) we hope to keep neck and neck of their ever changing curriculum of search algorithms. We’ve been in freelance journalism for a quarter century, writing is like breathing. So SEO isn’t a challenge. But making a blog post with all the top 5 recommended ingredients really is a challenge.

When we make real estate film and photography we don’t ever sketch out the film and photo shoots without first thinking of your target audience, we’ve come up with some you didn’t even know were out there too. We always start with the distribution in mind, through all the channels instagram, twitter and the rest. Did we mention Pinterest.

RELAX WOULD YA? 5 seconds of beach…

5 seconds is all people need to get a meaningful message. But to deliver it successfully, distribute it, is a significant project of it’s own. So we do that. We swim deep in the darkest oceans of social media and learn the ways of the visual content production and marketing warrior. Then there is Pinterest.


On Maria Barroso’s instagram page are some great drone shots of a beautiful gated  development property with lost for sale. Lucky for us she sold 5 lots then came back for more Skybornvisual talent and we re-shot Key Largo Ocean Resort (KLOR) which has added many new homes since IRMA. And in no small part due to her real estate skills. When we work with people who are determined, against all odds, it really is a pleasure to excel right along side you. If anyone exemplifies the words ‘Keys Stronger’ Maria is that person.


And now, newly announced this month, shared with me on Linkedin today by the addictive Marketing, Brand and Leading Content Guru, Stephen Carter-King, Google is indexing films based on their first 10 seconds. So…front loading is here, and i’m off to re-arrange www.IcarusOps.com‘s new film…

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