Florida Keys Wedding Video

sizzle is what happened when Josh and Michelle eloped at Kona Kai Resort & Botanical Gardens – the botanical scenery and beach front helped

Florida Keys Wedding Video Elopement At Kona Kai Resort

Stay at the beachfront cottage – you’ll fall in love again – ask to stay in Bread Fruit ‘Intimate Moment’ at the Kona Kai Resort KL Styled Shoot with Sky Born Visual making our Florida Keys Wedding Video. Photography by Angie B Makeup Artistry! She has an eye!

When the wedding bug gets you it doesn’t let go easily. Our Florida Keys are heavily dependent on tourism and a growing percentage of that is specifically hotels and locations for destination weddings. Since 2015 film, photography and social media marketing production for Real Estate and now Wedding Film & Wedding Photography have become Sky Born Visual’s bread and butter.

Nada – the drone addicted Florida Keys Wedding Video maker
Florida Keys Wedding Video
Josh & Michelle’s beachfront elopement moment

We tell story, we are a safe, happy, fun place to tell your story!

As you’d guess from a quarter century of scuba instructing worldwide – we’re adventurous and love tech. So underwater cameras and lights – we still have them all – became our best buddies on land. And then they started to fly. So we got FAA Part107 certified and commercial aerial film and photography became a super skill to complete the Ocean Air Earth combo that is our trademark.

When you learn and really begin to understand making film it doesn’t mean you ‘get’ where it’s going. I mean the end result. Visualizing that is the trick to knowing what to film.

That knowledge comes with hours of editing. I’ve seen that time and again: great footage; no editing patience! Others want to do it all themselves: plan, shoot, edit, distribute. Yes. The OCD types….like me:)

I’m tenacious. Get a grip and hold on tight to a worthy cause. Wedding Film is a beautiful universal story worth sticking mourned to see.

Kona Kai Resort, Botanical Gardens and Art Gallery – Key Largo’s Hidden Gem!

Our thought for brides coming here to Kona Kai Resort was that they’d want something seriously elopement or wedding related to give them the idea of the potential of this amazing botanical garden and it’s 13 beautiful peaceful cottages. Bread Fruit’s got his hammock and sandy beach area all to itself and they all overlook the point and the lagoon. Everyone gets to see the sunset from the point. Kona Kai is magical and coupled with that I love the energy that surrounds the complexity of elements for a real or styled elopement or wedding.


‘It’s the intention to make perfection that wins me over in the wedding industry – because life is full of contention and often compromise is forced upon us – which can result in aesthetic trauma, and mediocrity. Weddings aren’t the place for that – perfect perfect moments collide on the beach, in the church, at the mosque, synagogue, temple, woodland aisle, at the altar, at sea, underwater wherever they happen, it’s these ancient customs that bring our humanity back to us, this universal global appeal

Nada – drone wedding video & much more
Florida Keys Wedding Video & Drone Wedding Video

Filming a wedding (whether it is real or styled) is as intimate as the wedding itself. It has to be. You can’t get ‘feeling’ if you don’t get intimate. With this “Kona Kai Key Largo Sizzle Styled Shoot” film we made we learned we’re really good at visualizing the end result. The film maker and the producer and the director all come together and say; we have these tools and this setting, so now, ‘will that work?

And we think, well, wow that worked, or that didn’t! And look at that – let’s try it again this way. When reviewing this film all alone late at night after the final edit rendered, this voice shouted at me from some place “- emergency – alert. Stop. You made something – something that looks…..this looks REAL!”

The thought was these two are brilliant together they are professional and bounce off each other perfectly. And they look like a couple in love! And then someone said it, what the inner editor, producer, director was saying already, “Nada this is amazing! It looks so real,” Michelle Van Alsburg – model, actress, barista.


Angie Bray – Of Angie Bray Make Up Artistry was a mystery to me until the moment cameras started rolling. Lights camera make up action. I will be forever wowed by the gorgeous red-blush tinted hair with its ringlets and waves. The face and hair were met by me with the ‘knock me down with a feather’ response. And she kept it looking good for 5 hours!

Her make up was immaculate. She made up Michelle in the Papaya Suite overlooking the water. Michelle was rapturously happy with the work Angie did. Her artistry remained beautiful throughout the photo and film and drone shoots, in the wind! And when finally the Cupcake Champagne cork was popped, Michelle looked as fresh as ever.

Le Gateau – Maggie’s Bakery – Le Cake! Single Layer Vanilla Cake With Lemon Butter Cream Icing Vanilla Fondant and Rose Gold

Les Fleurs – Key Largo Flowers & Gifts – Le Bouq and Le Bout – Pastel Perfection

Le Decor Du Jour – Trading Post, Islamorada – Les Rose Gold Cups by ‘Fred’ like a solo cup only gloriously rosey with a perfection of gold – these things are amazing. I’m definitely keeping them.

Le Champagnoise – Cupcake Rose Champagne – Definitely the tickle all of those gathered were waiting for – nothing at all – comparable to a Florida Keys sunset on the point at Kona Kai Resort – rien de tel dans le monde – avec une glasse du champagne rose – and ones amour!

Les Croissant – Cafe Moka always delivers the most authentic and superior French pastry – from the source – originally from the Basque region of France – Narbonne – the family Bellion donated a selection of chocolate, almond, sugar and plain petite croissants; a delicate selection for our bride and groom at their lovely table under the tiki.

Kona Kai Resort – Botanical Garden – Art Gallery – The Papaya Suite Is a classic French Modern three room suite with full kitchen. It overlooks the water and has its own particular hammock beach area. It’s the best appointed of the 13 suites and would be the suite of choice for me where I the bride. It’s big enough to really relax in whilst observing the comings and going’s of the guests across the beach and to the point.

Michelle – She is a savvy jewelry making barista with a particular style all to herself. An experience model, the world seems to really be her oyster. Incredibly serene and surprisingly sassy – she seems shy and then you see that twinkle in her eye. Thanks Michelle! We loved your presence. You sizzled! And it felt distinctly to me like you knew more than me about what we were doing here!

Josh – He is a world traveler with mixology skills beyond belief. Known for his charm and happy go lucky lifestyle, Josh brought experienced modeling to the table – for which we have Angie Bray to thank. Josh you were an absolute pleasure to film and photograph, I get quite keenly this sense of being the amateur.

The tech we use to make Florida Keys Wedding Video beyond the editing suite at our base in Key Largo


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