Goodbye Dad – Natural Burial

Goodbye Dad – Natural Burial

And this is the home my father found for us and built into the place in which we grew up – wild and outside – with a fabulous a National Trust Forest surrounding us. And how ironic that it went on the market the same week my father passed away,rh8-ref-4919668/


Our Father Who Art In Eden Valley

Our Fathers Natural Woodland Burial handled with grace and peaceful deliverance by his eldest daughter, Hana, and his youngest daughter Samia, and his son, Yousef with the cooperation of the brothers and sisters he called his Mosque family.

The first Muslim burial at this beautiful Edenbridge location – and more importantly, right next door to our Mother!

A truly England’s Green And Pleasant Land Beautiful place to rest in peace!

Nada’s Poem to her father

Speak to me in dreams you swift footed child – you ran fast across battlements – a war raging wild – your mischievous soul harnessed by manned flight – your sweet love for peace never dimmed by lifes fight – speak to me in dreams my swift footed teen – about the sweet girl who became your hearts Queen – and now in our dreams will your grand-children ever be – for they are swift footed just like you and me. Bism’Allah Al Rahman Al Rahim – Amin – Our Father Who Art In Heaven – Amen – I love you – my incredible father and my first ever best friend

1968 Nada 2 years – Marwan – Ingrid – Hana 3 years

Service; Carshalton Mosque, 80 Ruskin Road, Carshalton SM5 3DH

the women – 10/17/19
the casket – 10/17/19
the men – 10/17/19
Ingrid and Marwan 1963
Eden Valley Burials

Eden Valley Natural Woodland Burials

Fayek and Yousef
The Crab Apple Tree over Ingrid Gabrielle Hennze Khalaf’s Grave – Our Mum and Dad inches away from each other
November 1968 – Mr and Mrs Marwan S Khalaf
(I’m the one in the blanket) my father – the Palestinian refugee who made a new world – my best friend – my first infinitely trusted human – the deepest thoughts – you knew them all
I will always be half of you

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Dad – Natural Burial

  1. Lovely photos of his service Nada.
    I love the natural part.
    Sending hugs and love and peace

    1. Nada Khalaf-Jones 2019-11-08 — 02:23

      Thanks M – the more ripples of love we make the more cuddled we feel. Love is all. In the end. It really is. Thank you. Peace to you.

  2. Billie Smith 2019-10-23 — 12:53

    Thank you so much for sharing this. How beautiful and I could feel the love.

    1. Nada Khalaf-Jones 2019-11-08 — 02:22

      Thanks Billie Smith I hope my kids do me the same honor. I don’t think generations lose respect I think it’s always there. I don’t know how but – somehow we have kept it alive. Despite the ‘disrespect’ culture surrounding our kids. They seem like good people. This ceremony meant a lot to me. I know my Dad would have approved. And many people worldwide felt his passing. Thanks again Billie Smith. Peace to you.

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