Great Emotional Comfort From Life & Death Traditions

St. James The Fisherman Episcopal Church in Islamorada

Whatever your faith there is comfort in traditions that care for us as humans whether it’s the beginning of a life or the end of one. We hold tightly on to the human need to re-affirm our belonging, in birth and ind death.

Funerals are emotional experiences, whether you know the deceased or not.

I’ve filmed and photographed my share of them in the last year. They leave a sense of urgency in my mind. I strive to do better following a funeral.

Emotional Comfort

We were asked to make a film and a photographic documentary of a funeral. It is impossible to stay un-involved. In my mind, at least. I love to immerse myself deeply into the beleifs of people. I am always absolutely fascinated by them. We all receive great emotional comfort from life & death traditions.

I am not sure of my own. Being from such diverse background. I know I will follow my parents’ example and find my way to a woodland someplace.

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