Island Bay Resort

Skybornvisual made a sweet elopement film along with some great photography at Island Bay Resort.

360 Beach Elopement

It’s only a 6 second clip. But it was a perfect evening. Had to share it! Also look out for the film. Coming soon. Our Island Bay Resort destination beach elopement photo gallery also posting here soon as it’s ready!

6 seconds clips of 5.2k footage are quite large!! But im a fan of 360 and am saving the pennies to buy the new 360 Max by GoPro but I can’t let go of the original GoPro Fusion 360 – which has provided all round (Get it??) great service for three years.

Alas: it may be time to say adieu to this piece of all round great tech. (Get it??) and sink a small fortune into the new version.

BIG NEWS: GoPro will give me $100 off my GoPro Max 360 if I send in my old digital camera !!! Hmmm.

Insta 360?

Anyone vote against the October 2019 released GoPro Max 360 in favor of the Insta 360 – put your thoughts here!! I like the tech specs in particular the ‘less time in post production’ heck yeah!!
Slight darkening of one side of the Fusion’s two cameras – something too costly to fix and too obvious to deliver useable footage. So it’s going back to GoPro I’m exchange for $100 off the GoPro Max 360

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