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Key Largo Droner

When the drone launches our gimbal softens the cameras bounce and delivers beautiful buttery smooth footage. The skill of flying is one aspect of the drone operators job. The safety aspect is vital and is what keeps us flying every day. We love the thought that we are certified by the FAA to know what we are doing in the national airspace. Which means, in my book, I’m always watchful and know what action I’d take in the case of an emergency.  

The other part of this world I’m in is the creative part. It takes second place to the safety. but, at the same time, is the vital element we need for the finished product. Drone operators are always considering the angles and the shots they want. We’re fully aware these must be balanced against the wind speed, battery life, over bright or over cast light situations, threats to life and limb and obstacles.

Once all that is taken into consideration you have someone doing a veritable balancing act with a pair of remote controller sticks and a machine carrying  camera who really needs to be left alone to fly, as opposed to chatting to the owner of the home, property, boat, construction site etc. 

We fly with a really bright pink safety vest. It says ‘Drone Operator Please Do Not Disturb’ Thanks for finding us. If you need more info, call 305 209 1758

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