Michelle J Kane Portraits by Nada

When you book portraits by Nada I know you’ll get fabulous results!! Consistently.

Proud to have provided portraits for this incredibly pretty and very skilled lawyer!

Yes: Portraits by Nada!

From my shoot with Michelle J Kane I learned she is a loving mother, dog maniac and is philanthropic with spot on focus.

Recently donating $3000 to Mariah Bell whose voice has consistently enchanted her entire high school seniors class. Ms. Bell graduated 2021 from Coral Shores High School and is on to bigger things now. She is a leader in her field, I will be excited to see what she does next.

As well as being a sharp lawyer Michelle J Kane is funny! And very strong. It seems as if success follows her around. Or is that just the smell of really hard work.

Either way, as a former freelance journalist my photographic skills are always presaged by the scoop! And for me, it’s exciting to have been given the opportunity – I feel really lucky to have met her and seen her giving spirit in the case of Ms. Bell.

Client Portraits by Nada on Instagram


Screen Shot of MJK Michelle J Kane Law Group.

The Original – Not A Breakfast Menu Item!

So dynamic – cheery and elegant – she had her poses ready! Minimal re-direction!

More From The Portrait Shoot

Shooting again this week here are a couple from the talented Ms. Andrea Galvan. Slightly famous and utterly hard working, focused and beautiful.

Andrea Galvan – Portraits by Nada

She be dancing at the super bowl half time show and consistently winning regionals w ‘Dance Attack’ Miami. The brightest star!

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