Mobile Studio Visual Content

mobile studio visual content

when people depend on you visuals – losing content isn’t an option

Mobile studio visual content is like packing your full kitchen into the back of the car and going camping for a week. And while cooking on a campfire in the wilderness is glorious, it’s also really challenging until you gain experience. As is unplugging the home studio and going mobile.

We’ve learned from a few years of unplug fear and loathing. Finally the mistakes became learning curves. Because creativity is a goal, and the tools are the means to that goal. Of course we didn’t stop trying. Mobile studio visual content done regularly with more checklists leads to better, faster workflows and more efficient content handling practices.

Mobile is the way many creatives do business. We are creatives. We are Florida Keys film, photography, SEO. And our mobile studio is essentially our tool for every scenario. We offload at the home studio in between. But the pauses to charge the batteries can become quite infrequent when season is upon us.

Florida Keys based Sky Born Visual makes creative aerial film and photography. Our skills include well turned written work and seo optimised content for social media and blogs.

Mobile stdio visual content is essential for business and real estate, wedding, sports and events. Of course we rely heavily on a fully stocked mobile studio for visual content production on the go. Here is a collection list.

Mobile Studio Visual Content – Don’t Lose Track

Here is a collection of the tools we use and some of the why. And because we have had many fails we are really strong on the ‘how to avoid that happening again’ as well as the workflows that work best for us from home studio visual content handling to mobile studio visual content.

We go prepared for everything. But when we go for film we always prepare for film. When we go fo photography we always prepare for photography. Then always ensure we have the other ready too. We always shoot film and photo for real estate. Rarely only on.

the list

Mac mini at home

I-pad on the road

Sony Alpha 7 r ii for every shoot

Sony Alpha 9 for sports and every other fast and really low light scenario

SD cards 5 to 7 only the best quality Sony cards (made by Sony – not knock offs) and refresh (strip, format, recycle) every month

Lenses for zoom, depth of field, wide and macro – total 5 lenses at any one time

GoPro 360

GoPro Hero7 Black

Karma Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus for standard high quality shoots

Inspire 1 Zenmuse X5 (F1.7 Aspherical Lens) for higher end, faster, better quality needs

Phoenix Generator by Renogy – portable charger – choose between solar or regular charging to re-power it

Neewer Lights – Soft boxes

Rode Microphones

Small Rig connectors and camera cages with all the attachments for follow focus and full right set ups

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