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New Real Estate Website Launch – Buzzing


We are Buzzing Here – Film Production Complete

Published – Can’t Help Buzzing – Life Style Footage Complete

Cant help being excited. Star Properties Real Estate will launch their new website on Tuesday morning. We were commissioned to make the website header film. It’s hard to make the Florida Keys look bad, we live in this island paradise. But where do you start when you’re trying to share that beauty with people who have never been here? Whilst trying to impress the people who live here at the same time?

Star Properties’s Broker Owner, Jaclyn Kelley PLLC, was quite clear with her vision. This week we will see the new film headlining the website at it’s debut. The concept clearly empathises with a visitor who has a completely fresh perspective. And also is pleasing to her own Real Estate agents, many of whom grew up here.

Jaclyn Kelley has always had that knack of putting herself in your shoes, she always did get the other person’s perspective. It’s no surprise to me she knew exactly what would appeal to people and when I first heard about the project I knew, because of her confidence, she’d pick the best clips and angles. I want to take this opportunity to express gratitude for being the one chosen to make this film. Beyond humbled.

Nada Khalaf-Jones

Essential Drone Footage

For my part, agonising over some essential drone footage we needed was allayed by a last minute response from a fellow drone pilot. We have Kona Kai to thank for the Palm Tree scene, Luxury Waterfront homes, some of which are now sold, with the elegant appearance of beautiful Great Grey Herons, sublime lagoons, beaches and mangroves and Tiki huts, and of course we love the buzz of the massive Sport Fishing Vessels as they power out to the ocean. The filming of this header was a true pleasure.

We hope you will enjoy the new Real Estate website launch July 30th 2019, this Tuesday. Don’t miss a stop by www.flkeys-real and let Jaclyn Kelley know in the comments on her new website or on her facebook or instagram pages, what you think of this savvy young Key Largo & Fort Lauderdale based Real Estate companies’ new impactful virtual presence.

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