Pale Blue Wedding Cake & DIY Cake Stand

Pale Blue Wedding Cake

The bride was a handy woman. She put together – with hammer, nail and screws, a small wood palette and painted it in pale blue and white.

Stenciled ‘love’ on the edges in alternate colors. Then added the 3 tier white, blue, white cake. With the ‘sea stars’ as a finish.

Economical – Wedding Cake $75 – pale blue and white vanilla cream 3 tier cake by @maggies_bakery_keylargo

DIY Pale Blue and White Palette Cake Stand

Simple – Blue and white hand made wood palette. Small. Stencil ‘love’ Bride sold the palette to the resort for $100.

Satisfying – Pick your own colors. Style your own wedding. Enjoy a little profit. Wedding day can be profitable too!

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