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Just how Green Florida Keys are we? For this Real Estate Photography Florida Keys owner of a small business whose daughters are all punchy environmentalists, it’s not about if, but how to fix the biggest generational problem.Even if it’s just a few small steps. They demand it of us parents. They seem quite unafraid to point fingers and say it’s our fault we have continued to allow it to exist.

keep the greens
keeping the greens means more work cleaning up – but a healthier, better planet

And how green can we afford to be? It is my choice to follow a code of ethics, along with great vibes form this simplistic task of daily thanking the beauty around us for continuing to thrive. Whether that is a daily walk with dogs and trash pick up bags. Or a daily walk just loving the deep colours of this world. Surely a happy you means a better planet all round? I mean when you are inspired by beauty or a special place that is close to your heart it is unlikely you will trash it the next day. I remember the ‘dolphins’ painted on the drain covers in Miami and San Diego. It bothered me…’don’t pollute, I live downstream’ that applies even more so here. We are directly applying our consumption of Florida Keys life to whatever else is around is int he environment.

Green Florida Keys

So let it be a solvable problem. Let it be a solution. One thing is for sure I work with Real Estate Agents who LOVE this place and are eloquent when it comes to selling their Florida Keys. It is a small and fabulous home. These talented Real Estate marketing people know how to spin lifestyle, ocean, waterfront, investments, sellers, buyers and much more. But they don’t have to try too hard. Since there aren’t many aspects to not love about living here. Just maybe so many other real estate agents doing the same thing, in different ways.

Right now I would say those who take an environmental stance and do work for the environment in which they sell are the ones who will float to the top of peoples minds.

Real Estate Photography Florida Keys

When you truly stop and appreciate, cherish and enjoy one of the most sublime places to live, make and implement an easy to do checklist of how to appreciate it with actions too. Even post it on social media so you are inspired by your own declarations to act.

My lifestyle follows a love for nature and natural living. There is only good to be said of people who want to add more trees to increase oxygen and pick up trash and recycle it correctly. What we can do we must. We began with one electric vehicle, then moved to all. There is a single gas car in our family now. Purely to fulfil the promise that the remaining children will learn to drive stick, but after that goal is achieved, there will only be silent and zero emission cars at our house.

What Can I Do? Everything.

Real Estate Photography Florida Keys is a mixture of capturing and sharing the breathtaking beauty whilst also telling the story for sellers and buyers of a paradise to be cherished and is worthy of protection. The real estate in the Florida Keys films and photographs we make are always pointed towards a sense of ‘please take care of this property.’ Because look how beautiful the place is. Cherish it. Fall in love. Care.

People who don’t perhaps live here, come to the Florida Keys and leave a lot ( a LOT) of trash behind on the roadsides. We have witnessed this time and time again. It’s almost a war sometimes to fill the trash cans up before there is more left to gather. Some of you Real Estate Agents go out there and wage war on the thrashers. We have seen this.

Whatever the world of nature means to you, believe in your ability to change it for the better. Here is my personal list. My kids have one too.

Did we mention this absolutely fun and fabulous listing we were overjoyed to film and photograph? For this absolutey fabulous and funny Coldwell Banker ‘Elite Circle’ Real Estate Agent The uniqueness here is the highly desirable amenities. And the VIEW!!!!! Just amazing. Imagining yourself here is waaaay to easy. Don’t miss the film and if you enjoy it (link below) think of us for your videography needs. We also make fantastic films about yachts for sale, adventure out of doors, air b n b’s and elopements in the Florida Keys and North Carolina. The fab Mariner’s Club Film

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