Real Estate Photography Florida Keys

Real Estate Photography Florida Keys

Really great Real Estate Photography Florida Keys is all about doing it right the first time.

I think showing off your best shots will win you more interest. The end. But what is the cost? We don’t skimp or compromise. The hunt for a new home, land, yacht or an investment property has so many elements. 

The photographs and film should be the best quality. This eliminates doubt and minimises questions. 

Want sizzling real estate photographs? Don’t seek a discounted rate. Ask for a sample shoot and decide if the price is right for the quality.

Seriously though, if you think it’s easy. You think it’s no big deal. It would be an error to do so. We know the reality. And the struggles, they are real. And yet we still love it. And excel.

Selling a property is not easy with so many homes up for sale. Using high quality aerial photographs and fabulous film, check ours out, gives a massive advantage over not using it.

Florida Keys Photographer

We love this stuff. As an international and Florida Keys photographer with aerial photography skills we love to make all around visuals. It’s great to show people the details of their prospective home, and then how close you may be from the nearest school, road, mall, forest or coastline. Even see the way to get to it. Google maps is great but up to date photography and drone are comprehensively fabulous for putting you on the spot. Our film & photo package is all inclusive.

What is REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY FLORIDA KEYS? besides a great way to get you all to find us and hire us for your Florida Keys Real Estate Photography project, this is what it is.

Aerial views – we offer 5 to 20 aerial views, because honestly you only need a few. Now if it’s amenities you are after, with Real Estate Photography Florid Keys we know about the outdoor life. Expecting this, we have a super package for extra shots. We include up to 40 aerials for the amenities when you book a full film & photography single family shoot.

Roofs – the roof inspectors are always relevant. Especially because hurricanes visit us here in the season, on the odd year here and there. Roofs are a vital aspect of the real estate photography package. Since there is disturbance due to high winds. Our aerial Florida Keys packages include close ups, gps based precise grid coordinate surveys.

Landscapes – when it comes to your property sales, it isn’t always a home you are selling or looking to buy. The lush greens or even the not so lush greens of a 5 acres lot are handled perfectly with aerial photography. 

We can always add the intended green afterwards in post production.  Seasonal dry grass can be messed with legally. Throw in a couple of super close ups of the details like great local floral accents, natural landscaping, and in a film, you have a lovely story of a lot for sale. We LOVE stories abut land. It’s what we all want more of. 

Surveying – need to get the precise size and distance between points? We do technical work like this, that requires an experienced skill set. We utilise infra red for specific use cases like power companies, and underground pipelines, new commercial properties going up, curing concrete!

Farming and Agriculture – our real estate photography Florida Keys applies itself perfectly to farms and agricultural projects since we offer film and photography from drone as well as ground level. Our team know how to hyper-lapse on foot or with a drone. Got a large farm that needs to improve it’s ground cover? Have a mountain top in North Carolina that is just missing a home, but you aren’t sure exactly where to put it. We can do that. We travel. 

Houses For Sale – the typical home for sale in the Florida Keys Real Estate market is easy to film and photograph. Our skill has developed firmly based on 100% success for our realtors. No one has ever asked for a re-shoot and we know from our clients that all the properties have been sold following deliver of our work Real Estate Florida Keys Photography.

Parks – when there are amenities like a park to film, we enjoy mapping out the perimeter and moving inwards from there. A short one minute film and 100 photos will cover your amenities. 

In this Real Estate photography Florida Keys’ experience there is always more you can show of a park because if you raise the drone to it’s maximum height of 399 ft above ground level, and almost certainly you can see Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay on each side. How can you miss those shots?? We never do.

Events – if you aren’t interested in just Real Estate Photography Florida Keys thats fine. When the FAA allow it, we can fly around the people (not over them in most cases) at your event, with minimal visual interaction, the crowd won’t see us. We stay on the edges. And hide in our subtle way. We LOVE events. In particular weddings, Independence Day events, runs and concerts.

Oceans and Yachts – starting with marinas and moving to harbours we love being around boats with a camera on a dock or a drone above it. And when you say Real Estate Photography Florida Keys  that also means real estate that floats, which is yachts and ocean or flats boats and bay. 

Are you a lover of deep blue and sport fishing or a shallower slower more subtle hunt for the Bonefish and Redfish? We LOVE chasing a lovely yacht around. Check out the film. Then call us.

Mary Stella Maris 93s from Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography on Vimeo.

Yacht Chase – This one was an Air B N B film and photography package. We spend half our life hanging out with flats fishermen, so we know that world well. We love flying the drone around on a quiet backcountry trip. But nothing beats a open ocean boat chase.

Golf Florida Keys – he best holes around are at Cheeca Lodge and The Ocean Reef Club. We enjoy playing at both, We LOVE photographing both, from the ground and from the air. Always include the details in the amenities shot with your real estate listing. They help capture the leisure aspect perfectly.

Coast Line – of course we have a lot of film and photography footage of the coastline. There are hundreds of miles of it. It is pretty hard to miss in the Florida Keys. We can identify and happily film and photograph professionally,  every type of bird, unique tree and near shore critter you can imagine. Our biggest skill is anticipating weather, wind direction, avoiding hard to see power lines and whip in the wind palm tree tops, tiny skinny little wires that reach from the top of a sail boat to it’s bow. All of these are well learned skills.

Roads To Travel – lucky for us we have a 106 mile long road going straight through the Florida Keys. We live on one side or the other. And we are well versed with what tie of day to arrive at a home on the Florida Bay or Atlantic Ocean for the best view of the home from inside, outside at ground level and above. The Historic Overseas Highway is an All American Road and is absolutely wonderful to film and photograph. It’s surrounded by Aqua Blue water on both sides. We do love the shots of US1. Hyper-lapse cars speeding by are fun to see. As is an empty road at dawn

One item we lack in this Real Estate Photography Florida Keys market is the sprawl. The cities. We have no urban. We do have cruise ships in Key West and extensive military and international airports. Which makes it impossible to fly the drone wherever you want to. it’s always a question of FAA and local ATC permits. Having said that my favourite homes are these Key West Old Homes. And the wrecking museum and the Mel Fisher Museum. I LOVE photographing homes in Key West. But the same elements that make them so attractive exist all up and down the Florida Keys. So. Hire us and enjoy our expertise. We rock the Keys.

239 S. BAY HARBOR DRIVE, Fl 33037 from Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography on Vimeo.


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