what we do for you

In the Florida Keys ocean air earth 4k high definition marketing visual content production. Drone marketing is perfect for real estate. Drone film and photo has become standard practice for Florida Keys destination beach weddings. We don’t stop there, we adventure on into local or global businesses, charitable events and private parties, instructional training films and photo campaigns. Kick up your for social media campaign now. WE can build a one page website with visual and graphics that rock.

In the Florida Keys began life in a family home near a lush tropical state park by a beach on the ocean in Key Largo. Hence our brand name Lovely World Adventure. Our tag line is ocean air earth film and photo. And then the drones and high definition cameras came along. Brilliant! So now we create the best shots and angles for every structure, shipwreck, coral reef, wedding, community event. Seriously licensed and insured by the one and only Federal Aviation Administration under Part 107 sUAS Licensing we cover construction projects, bridges to rooftops, city center sky scrapers or remote ocean islands. Like this.

Covers the real estate film and photo in the Florida Keys in 4 k high definition because our friends and family expect the very best, so why wouldn’t we deliver the to our customers too? We don’t mess around, although we love the song, our adventurous and self disciplined side says have great fun, but do serious work. That is us. With fantastic creative standards and much unconditional love, we want you to love what we do because we are licensed, insured and thoroughly unafraid of taking on your next visual challenge.

We Cherish Your Journey Because It Is Ours Too

Skybornvisual are ocean, air and earth film and photo. We are beyond passionate about equality, across gender, religion, social-economics and politics. We don't care where people come from, we only know where we are now and where we are taking the next moment. With a camera or a drone.

For quality wedding photography and simultaneous cinematography you've found the exceptional locals in this Florida Keys ocean world. Photo and film together? Yes! We do both at the same time. It's called Digital Stills Motion Capture (DSMC) and it's been a Hollywood tradition since the world began.

We work with smooth high definition and 4 K high photographs and film, our advanced professional editors use the industry standard tools to produce the best quality films on earth and the photographic images are equally exceptional, polished professional print quality.

"We truly cherish your journey because it is ours too. We feel unconditionally loving, we know it sounds corny, but it's the basis of that compassion you get from the first time we meet. We are also very connected to our earth, we offer ocean weddings, underwater, as well as aerial drone and earth based footage, we truly love our community and our customers, who frequently stay connected with us for life!" - skybornvisual

Our premiere one hundred percent guarantee is that we absolutely love and cherish quality. We never waver on standards. We always ask ourselves, "Would I be happy with that?" And if there is ever any doubt we get back to work.

With this statement in mind we’d love to hear from you. We love your journey. The one YOU made to get here, that brought you to be with us in your special moment. We celebrate that. We love your beautiful wedding, or engagement moment, we love it without reservation.

We are always open to last minute bookings. We love spontaneity. The batteries are always charged. Give us a shout.