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content marketing, wedding photo, instagram film

Welcome to the Sky Born Visual Team.

We are experts in content marketing, wedding photo, instagram film. We are Sky Born Visual! 4k high definition ocean, air, earth film and photo, writing and seo.

Predictably a Florida Keys lifestyle involves extensive amounts of outside. Surrounded by an abundance of ocean, air, earth, we combine adventure, writing and social media experience with cameras.

Florida Keys lifestyle

This is painful! It involves swimming in the pool, building sand castles on the beach, scuba diving wrecks and reefs, and paddle boarding and kayaking right out the back door.

YES! We are lucky. And we know it. It’s why we’re inspired to share. Adventure is great to film and photograph. Who could avoid it? From the beaches and ocean horizons to the adventure of fishing and snorkeling, there is always a wedding photo shoot to edit, a real estate film to make. With faster social media speeds our target is the 60 second instagram and 40 seconds twitter film that’s delivers your company or personal message.


We love local businesses and family owned and operated. Especially that new restaurant menu that needs a shout out after it’s update and we’ve tried and tested all the new items on the menu. We are Google Local Guides.

We film & photograph our amazing community for no profit as much as we can and do executive corporate film and photo of such incredible variety it never ceases to amaze us.


WE are inspired to sustain our Florida Keys environment and economics in a balance that works in perpetuity.

Soooo if you want to film the removal and replanting of a massive Kapok tree across Miami’s busy streets with a police escort or pomote an ISLAND for sale, film a hand made wooden boat as it comes to life or see the world from above during the 4th July we can do that for you. F’real. It’s fun!

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Sky Born Visual Team goes all over. Drone, GoPro, Sony Alpha film in 4 k produces the best content marketing, wedding photo, instagram film distribution in 4 K high def the world has to offer. Well. Unless you want 6k, that’s better, but for now, 4 K delivers the goods for most people. 4k high definition film stole our attention when the first stabilized flying 4 k cameras ‘drones’ came out in 2016 we passed the FAA Part 107 sUAS Remote Pilot In Charge test got that fancy FAA license and insured ourselves to fly drones.

From high quality 4k drone film we sought the same top notch film all round with GoPro still leading the way in adventure tough footage to depths most humans don’t go, to the beautiful smooth Sony Alpha 9 with it’s in camera stabilization, low light capabilities and brilliantly fast sports action photo speeds.


Becasue we want to deliver the best to people, the best became a standard we adhere to doggedly, despite the larger cost and longer time taken to edit and handle 4K film, we hope you agree it’s well worth it.

Sky Born Visual’s content production workflow was born amidst a scuba diving ocean environment. Career journalism gave us writing savvy in the environment and science news that makes our Florida Keys adventure lifestyle what it is.

Our keen knack for marketing and visual social media distribution is based on a highly specialized understanding of the environment in which we live.

ocean, air, earth!

No wonder we’re now a trusted name. We feel our clients turn to us because we love this place and thread that message into all our work. Our clients have gone from a few to more, and we love them all, hyper-local or global.

scuba divers, writers, film makers, photographers.

Scuba dive with our Florida Keys Adventure Film team. Want to see Key Largo’s Iconic 4th July Parade? We freely film for free any 501c3 community events which in turn support causes we care most about.

We go with simple honesty and elegance for personal iconic Florida Keys Businesses Film. We know how curious you are about the Keys lifestyle. Florida Keys destination films are a way to share what you really should come and see for yourself. It really is this brilliant.

content marketing, wedding photo, instagram film distribution in 4 K high def

Perfecting wedding, real estate and business film and photo in the Florida Keys depends heavily on efficient high quality 4k production workflows. Nowadays, in addition to a scuba tank, mask and fins our film makers are rarely seen without a Sony Alpha series DSLR or DJI Phantom 4 Pro buzzing by.

Brent & Nicholas
Wedding Film Photography

content marketing, wedding photo, instagram film distribution in 4 K high def

Theater, Parade, Birthday, Retirement ask us for concept to distribution film

content marketing, wedding photo, instagram film distribution in 4 K high def

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Nada Khalaf-Jones

Sky Born Visual LLC | Florida Keys Drone Pros LLC Instagram @skybornvisual  @floridakeysdronepros 

FAA Certified Remote sUAS Pilot (2016)

Journalist & Visual Content Marketing Director


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The Historic Walton House

Key Largo Lighthouse Beach

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