The Spread of Halloween Style

Halloween Style is now both UK and USA! This is the Great Hall at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry at Warner Brothers Studio in London
a cute – but slightly unhappy jack-o-lantern greeted us on our recent visit to this beautiful luxury weekly rental in Sussex, England

The spread of ‘American’ Halloween Style to the UK and Europe has been constant for a decade now. Or at least the spread of Halloween style as witnessed by this film and photo production company.

We return frequently to England so we get the sense of what tends are trending. Halloween is definitely IN!

South Florida Halloween Style
Florida Keys Halloween Style – a slightly dried out cat sits amongst suitably halloweeny decor

Halloween Style has spread and now American trends bring in the fresh, vivacious new European Halloween style – this relationship revives an age old equilibrium. Where styles of all kinds, not just Halloween style constantly feed off and inspire each other in a happy circuit of esthetics and love for stunning creative expression

wise owl nada
Mostly Halloween depends on passing on from this life to the next – like Dia De Los Muertos – spooky looking skulls and dead stuff – doesn’t that put lots of people off?? We recently had a 12th birthday invitee refuse to attend ‘because it celebrates the dead and Halloween’ so – YUP
Halloween Style Photography and Film
Even in the heat of sunny Florida we dive into the fall colors, darker themes and the ‘happy’ creative realm for this birthday Halloween Style – with children, dogs, jewelry, flowers, decor and cake all thrown into the visual cauldron together!

In 2017 we made a successfully published in The Daily Dog Tag – Howl O Ween Decor Film and Photo Shoot – involving family, dogs and kids and a green cake with fingers, eyeballs and smoke coming out of the cauldron around which it was built! it looked gruesome – but it tasted divine! This year we went with a more elegant style for the cake – moon, bats, stars, spiders and the color – black, purple and orange! We loved it. We didn’t need the gruesome. I actually don’t like the gruesome one little bit.

Wedding vendors who we work with locally – this amazing cake maker – superstar baker Maggie of Maggie’s Bakery in Key Largo is always an exciting creative person to work with it is always an adventure – here she brings it together for our 12 year old in a non gore and blood way.

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