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What a magical world I’d nestled behind this Key Largo hardwood hammock along the sandy driveway down to the sea

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Mahogany Bay surprises you. I am #5 and with me comes this tucked away bungalow also known as #2


243 Sombrero Beach Road aerial film and 360 walk through is the 15th vacation rental film produced since our company was born in 2016.

We are frequently asked to film and photograph super luxury properties but when the cameras start recording we don’t make ‘less effort’ or ‘edit less’ we simply produce the best we can each time.

“We all know what it feels like to love what you do so much there isn’t a limit to the work you’ll put in to make it right.”

Nada Khalaf-Jones, Owner Sky Born Visual.

Over the next 12 months i’ll be sharing skills we’ve used most frequently, angles and equipment lists we have begun to rely on most. We always use Sony cameras, DJI drones GoPro for high quality 4K wide angle film and photo, hyperlapse and the GoPro Karma Drone

Experience and technical knowledge taught us what camera, audio and light settings work best for different production settings. Studio or on location as well as how this particular setting or angle will look in the post production studio as we edit for different film impact.

We share what we use for camera, light and audio equipment inside, outside, above and below the water as well as our editing work flow.

Skybornvisual’s owner Nada Khalaf-Jones

We also have a great vacation rental and real estate property professionals blog post called ‘preparing for film day,’ which helps with the basic outline of what works from the time of day, trash cans and recycle bins, toasters and decor and what angles we always like to get to present that ‘ahhh’ moment.

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