Wedding Film & Wedding Photography


What We Were Hired To Do #1

To film for 4 hours to capture a wedding to include steel drums during processional, recessional, using drone also. Vows, rings, dances, speeches, party. Then go home and edit and produce films!!!

What We Were Hired To Do #2

We were hired to to tell a story. A beautiful, delicate and gentle story, of a love that spanned the oceans and time.

We were entrusted with someone’s inner most secret journey! We were given guardianship of their hearts and asked to share the unspoken meaning behind their actions, their gestures and those of the people around them!

We were trusted. That’s a lot of faith to put in a person you spoke with on the phone! But Sarina & AJ chose me. And I’m so flattered and grateful, because there is a lot of love here now!

On top of that the recommendation of a fantastic photographer was what started it all. If Stacia Morgan had not recommended our services. This would be a blank page.

Wedding Film & Wedding Photography
Rev. Kev Ewing – Preparing – ‘The Point’ Largo Resort

Wedding Film & Wedding PhotographyMetal & Wood & Diamond in ‘The Great Room’ Largo Resort

Wedding Film & Wedding Photography

Metal & Wood

Wedding Film & Wedding Photography

Maggie’s Bakery Coconut Pineapple Three Tiered Cake at the ‘North Beach’ – Largo Resort

What We Did

We interpreted, filmed (and shot photos for behind the scenes) for 6 hours, hired for 4? Shhhh don’t tell anyone. I’ll always stay two hours extra, because i’m silly giggly girlie in love with your moment and your family and friends. I fall in love with your moment!

And also the gorgeous footage, it’s worth sticking around an hour or two because you want everyone to get the full experience.

Wedding Film & Wedding Photography
Party On ‘North Beach’ at Largo Resort

How We Did It


Sony Alpha 7rii fixed – Rode Video microphone

Sony Alpha 9 roving – Rode Video microphone

GoPro Hero7 – up a palm tree – Sennheiser microphone

Platypod Pro – plate and strap

Sony SD cards – Batteries x 2


70 – 200 mm F2.8

18 – 105 mm F4

10 – 18 mm F4

50 mm F1.4


Wedding Film & Wedding Photography
White Wooden Chairs by Keys Audio Party Rentals
Wedding Film & Wedding Photography
Largo Resort South Beach – Tropical Dining Decor by Key Audio Party Rentals


‘Let the chaos of the world of daily life fall away. My preparations and checklist are complete. I have all my tools with me. I am a story teller. A lover. A mother. A wife. An animal rescuer. A writer. A best friend. A girl inspired to captain starships, go on deep deep ocean dives, travel to other worlds, always at warp speed.

I am a story teller


The purpose of our presence is to facilitate and be ready with film and photography to capture the couples’ story as it unfolds. To present them with a legendary – memorable – permanent record of their day! With unconditional love driving us forwards.

To be present in the moment devoid of worry. Ever creative. Content with our tools, our plan, our preparedness and skill in synergy.

To be brave enough to put myself in situations where I may invade private space or make people feel uncomfortable, to strive to put them at ease and film on.

Breath in and out the fierce focus. Look for the love, feeling, emotion. Embrace the camera frame in my hands, steal the angles and the scenes. And tenderly craft them into the story waiting to be told.

Love is in the eye of the beholder. Love is me. I choose fierce love. And Sony Alpha. Over all other emotions. Here endeth the inner dialogue.

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