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This is on mine and their website. This helps get the word about for us to reach more clients who need our skills and don’t know where to start! Wedding Chicks take away the ‘fear factor’ by recommending us.

Recommended Wedding Photographer – Wedding Film

Wedding Chicks Think This Looks Fabulous!

Wedding Chicks Think You Look Good!

Wedding film wedding photography – we do consider them both to be equally beautiful and effective!

Wedding film – when the front row of the wedding party guests are all holding their phones in portrait mode filming at 4K60fps what can you say? Except GO FOR IT! Let me help you:)

YES! To Crowd Sourced Wedding Films!?

We offer the option for guests who want to film to use our tripod and phone mount.

$125 to rent the kit – includes the tripod, standard sized smart phone mount which can be angled – a shade. Set to 4K60FPS. Most are stabilized so shake is reduced.

Why? Well that way your guests can relax and enjoy while the phone does the work.

$275 to rent the GoPro & SD Card kit – includes the tripod, the mount which can be angled – a shade and a 32GB SD Card you take with you. Set to 4K60FPS or slower motion like 120FPS

Why? Well that way your guests can capture you in GoPro’s super sharp and ultra wide angle look! They are uber stabilized too! Shake is minimal.

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