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Key Largo is the First Key in Paradise #firstkeyinparadise

Florida Keys Wedding Film brings you the society wedding of the year. Set in Key Largo we are beyond proud to be the film maker for Jenny and Jimmy as they start their life together as Mr. & Mrs. Sample.

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Key Largo Baptist Church Pastor Steve Vetter:

“Of all the rings, Jenny, you chose these rings. And of all the men, Jenny, billions and billions of men Jenny. You chose Jimmy!”

Jimmy Sample:

“Where are you going with this?”

Everyone who attended the wedding recalls the humor and brevity of the wedding ceremony. It was the stuff of legends, for the local people and the families of the couple. We hope the film below will make you laugh and cry.

Sky Born Visual began filming real estate in 2016. From their first published film, a campaign film for local judge, Sharon Hamilton, they were hired to manage the Real Estate Marketing for Jaclyn Kelley, Owner Broker of Star Properties RE. 

Thanks to that young entrepreneurial lady we challenged our skill set and succeeded in creating stories far beyond our wildest dreams. We never knew how well we could communicate with written as well as visual content until we launched into Marketing Management in the fiercely competitive Real Estate world.

Sky Born Visual filmed weddings, massive tree re-locations with 10 police escorts across Miami. Our team filmed the construction of and display of incredibly beautiful hand made wooden boats. Underwater our cameras tracked turtles on reefs in the Gulf of Mexico. We were hired to film beautiful islands for sale in the Florida Keys. Our main industry was the filming and photography of the most stunning multi-million dollar real estate. Our favorite work has to be the small business owners who we enjoy working with and creating their films so they can express their messages quickly and beautifully.

As a not for profit venture we filmed so many community events.

Filming is in the blood, photography too and we pride ourselves on distributing our finished works with our expertly crafted written content.

So many films, so much success, yet still, we are the beginning of the adventure. There is SO much we want to do. Join our journey. Ask us about filming your story. Let us cherish yours the way we did with every single one before. Bring us your challenge and let us make your story with a flourish.




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